Inmate Timothy L. Redman Tortured to Death at Ely State Prison, Nevada

Hi Carol,   I follow your weblog via Here is a news item I read about this morning, I find it very shocking, knowing people inside Ely State Prison in Nevada. Terribly cruel and callous.

Thanks, Annabelle


Inmate Timothy L. Redman Tortured to Death at Ely State Prison, Nevada

November 19, 2009

They pumped can after can of pepper spray into the cell; they came back every 20 minutes and emptied another can …a big can, maybe half the size of a hairspray can. Then an officer looked in the cell, turned to the lieutenant and said, “Hey, This guy hung himself.”

The lieutenant answered, ”Spray him again!”

Yesterday morning, Timothy Redman, a death row inmate at Ely State Prison hung himself in his cell after being tortured for 2-2 1/2 hours, sprayed repeatedly with mace, until he couldn’t take it anymore and hung himself. The unit was immediately locked down.

The warden reportedly came to the unit and stood outside the cell making jokes and laughing as Timothy’s dead body was removed. The White Pine County Sheriff arrived, cordoned off the area with yellow crime scene tape, and allegedly stood around laughing with the warden and associate warden. A doctor came to pronounce him dead.  Correctional officers rolled up his property and emptied his cell. Timothy was rolled past other inmates without so much as a cover over his face; his face blue and just barely laying correctly on the gurney.

To the officers who murdered Timothy Redman:

How does it feel to be no better than the man you murdered?

Will you sleep well tonight knowing you are now a murderer?

Nevada’s latest victim: Timothy L. Redman #32765 ~ 5/22/1964 – 11/18/09.



9 thoughts on “Inmate Timothy L. Redman Tortured to Death at Ely State Prison, Nevada

  1. I knew Tim and even if he did something wrong after years and years he changed and helped me through hard times in my life
    People in USA think that because you kill other people with a death row you are better but no, you re just barbaric and crual , you just become murderer and even the worst person on earth can not be treaten like animal
    Rest in peace Tim, I will never forget you
    Your little sister Cyrielle


  2. Rest in peace Tim. You finally got the ultimate freedom. You are in prison no more. 🙂 Anyone who didn’t know you will never know a tip of the iceberg. Not even close. If all they know is that you killed that rapist many years ago who didn’t have family to miss the piece of human crap he was then sorry about their luck. I have no problem with you killing him. Too bad you didn’t kill more rapists. Others who have a problem with that need to worry about their own life + family. Only our family + a few others know the real different you. You are always missed. Your favorite quote…For death is nothing, but to be defeated is to die every day.-Napolean. Missed + loved + thought about always by your family + friends.


  3. A little history for the bleeding heart liberals.

    Redman was under a sentence of imprisonment when he murdered Max Biederman; had been previously convicted of assault and had mutilated the victim.

    Biederman died from a massive injury to his head with a large blunt object and suffered three gunshot wounds to his face. After he was dead, Redman chopped Biederman’s hands off and attempted to rip out his teeth to prevent Biederman’s identification.

    Redman was on parole at the time he killed Biederman for offenses committed in West Virginia, including breaking and entering, felonious jail breaking and assault.

    Redman had a history of violence in prison including attacks on guards, other prisoners, non-compliance, threats and so forth.

    So good ridden that another murderer will never have the chance to hurt anyone ever again.


  4. Nevada death row inmate commits suicide

    By Steve Timko • • November 25, 2009

    A man on death row for a 1990 murder in Clark County committed suicide last week at Ely State Prison.

    Timothy L. Redmen, 45, hung himself in his cell Nov. 18, White Pine County Sheriff Dan Watts said.

    Redmen jammed the cell door with a weapon called a shank. The door had to be removed to get access to the cell, Watts said.

    Some Internet discussion sites about inmates alleged prison staff repeatedly sprayed Redmen with pepper spray before the suicide. Watts did not know how much pepper spray was used and could not comment on that.

    “The only thing we can release at this time is that an inmate did barricade himself into a cell and he did hang himself,” Watts said. “He was in the cell by himself, and there was no one else in the vicinity.”

    The shank was a sharpened rod that had a bedsheet wrapped around it to make a handle, Watts said.

    Prison staff followed procedures in extricating Redmen, Watts said.

    Prison spokeswoman Suzanne Pardee would not comment on the allegations of excessive pepper spray use.

    “We have asked that an autopsy be done and are awaiting results,” Pardee said. “There’s no suspicion of foul play. The inmate was in a single cell.”

    Redmen used the nicknames Highlander, Hook and Red Bone and received the death sentence for the murder of Max Biederman during a 1990 robbery.

    Biederman was shot at least three times, his face was mutilated with a wrought iron railing, and his hands were cut off in an effort to prevent authorities from identifying the victim, according to an Associated Press report.


  5. We may never see justice through the government, but we will when the most high God returns to earth and every single one of us stands before HIM and answers for every deed we did and every word we said. It shall be shouted from the roof tops, these murderers in uniforms! Then they will burn in hell fire unless they repent BIG!


  6. Why shouldnt there be comments made? The whole world should know how we feel about this…being quiet is not the answer-making sure everyone knows and hopefully bringing shame to those involved is what is REQUIRED!!


  7. True Nevadan’s:

    There should be no comments made and let the story stand on it’s own merits.

    Nevada Department of Corrections, and their employees–are foul.

    Does anything else need to be said?



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