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Vidocq, the author is re-investigating cold cases- “unsolved homicides”; there are also posts about law, forensics, “help the cops!” and missing persons.

Intriguing and haunting. Can you help? You will never know until you check out “Defrosting Cold Cases.”


Every time I step into an evidence room and take boxes, crates, files and binders full of reports, notes, pictures and other pieces of evidence in a cold case down to my little cubicle, I am overwhelmed by a number of emotions ranging from curiosity to bewilderment, from anger to sheer grief, from determination and hope to despair.

It took a while before I found the most effective way to analyze cold cases. The very first time, I placed all the boxes, binders, folders and plastic evidence bags around me hoping that one of them would signal where to start first. Of course, they all wanted to be looked at first so that was no help at all and if you ever try your hand at cold cases do not start that way. It will get you so overwhelmed that you do not know where to start and you are left feeling drained as if by just looking at the boxes all your energy gets taken away. This will happen to anyone no matter how dedicated to crime solving you are.

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