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Our first show aired tonight! My guests were Barb Brooks of SJRA/Advocate a monthly newsletter focusing on California Prison Issues and Sue Reams, a member/volunteer with FACTS-Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes.

The show aired at 6:30pm est and was 30 minutes long….it is now archived and you can listen at the following link:

BlogTalk Radio PrisonReformMovement

3 thoughts on “Prison Reform Movement on BlogTalk Radio

  1. people sure are talking a lot about prisoners on radio and elsewhere but how about encouraging prisoners nd their families and friends to TALK WITH THE LORD daily on the issues of their lives its free, there 24/7, good info provided, confidential too. our free to all program comes with our song lyrics SPREAD THE WORD TALK WITH THE LORD that can be used free non commercially drop me a note g. hubbard p.o. box 2232 ponte vedra fl 32004 blog


  2. I’ve always thought that Richard Allen Davis really got us twice, first he heinously killed a small child, and then he gave us three strikes! He got the death penalty and sits on CA’s death row and the latest report – with his case not even out of state court is his appeals are currently over $500 million dollars. The average cost of a death penalty appeal is $250 million dollars. Then his crime continues to cost us a billion a year for the three-strikes law.

    Visiting is alleged to save us the $335 thousand because they don’t have to pay overtime pay – (but a holiday is already at OT pay) because they redirect the visiting staff to cover vacancies. The question really comes in at since it’s a holiday and they are already peying overtime for everyone – they must pay staff that are over 40 at double time – so having visitng staff at 1.5 time . . they save $335K.

    Visiting space is built to accomondate “5 percent” of the population. This is sadly the actual amount of prisoners who receive visits. Due to overcrowding – and all prisons being at double capacity, they can really only accomodate visiting for 2.5 percent of the prisons population – thus the endless hanging on the phone to get appointments or waiting in line for hours to get into the mainline prisons. [reception, ad-seg, condemned are by appointment only, some mainline prisons take appointments for early morning]. For example, SQ has 5-6000 inmates on a regular basis. If they accomodate a few hundred visitors each day, they are really providing/receiving visitors for about 1 percent of prisoners over a two-day period (a weekend).

    Great, show ladies. So glad to hear updates on these subjects, and asking people to be part of the discussion!!! End 3-strikes and invest in schools.


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