Stanford Three Strikes Project

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Contact Us

For Attorneys and Members of the Press:

Please contact Michael Romano at 650 736 8670


For Those Seeking Legal Assistance:

All of us here at the Project extend our heartfelt sympathy for the plight of Three Strike prisoners and the law‘s effect on loved ones and friends.

Over 1,000 inmates have written to us asking for our assistance, and we are doing our best to triage these cases and respond to every letter we receive.

Our docket is consistently busy and we accept new cases only as our schedule permits. If you are interested in our services, please write to us at the address below and request a questionnaire, which is our form of application for representation. Please do not call or email us directly.

The individual seeking our counsel should not enclose any briefs, transcripts or other historical court documents with his letter; we do not have room to keep such documents and we do not have time to return them. Our attorneys will determine from his completed questionnaire whether they want to see background documents; if so, they will write to him and request them.

An interested potential client should not expect to hear back from us until our attorneys decide either to explore his case further or to decline to represent him. Given the volume of requests we receive, this process is painfully slow. All incoming correspondence is kept and treated very respectfully and confidentially until our attorneys have time to read and assess it.

The Project attorneys, students and staff deeply regret our inability to serve more clients. We hope that, as our cases move up through the courts, we will enjoy victories that will improve the sentencing options for other “strikers” as well.

If you have time to help on the policy front, please consider working with Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes (F.A.C.T.S.).

Stanford Three Strikes Project
Re: Potential Client
Mills Legal Clinic at Stanford Law School
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Stanford, California 94305-8610

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