Call to Action: help save Teresa Lewis’ life…..

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

My colleagues and I at the National Clearinghouse have just learned that
Governor Bob McDonnell will decide this Friday (September 17th) if he will
commute the sentence of Teresa Lewis, a woman on Virginia?s death row who is
scheduled to be executed next Thursday (Sept. 23rd).  More information about
this case is included below and can also be found at

*We need people to act NOW to urge Governor McDonnell to commute her
sentence*.  *Friday will be too late*.  Please send Governor McDonnell a
message now at Your
message can be very short; just let him know you hope he will commute Teresa
Lewis? death sentence to a sentence of life.

*We are also urging people to sign the on-line petition in support of Teresa
Lewis.  *Organizers believe that signing the petition will focus much needed
national attention on this grossly unjust situation and might help save
Teresa Lewis? life. You can sign the petition by going to

Please forward this message widely.  Please encourage your friends and
colleagues to send a letter to Governor McDonnell and to sign the petition.

Tremendous thanks,

Teresa Lewis, Mentally Disabled Woman, To Be Executed In Virginia This


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