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The Reggie N. Keyes Story, as told by Jean Mott

In early spring of 2005 an inmate assigned to work in the Ft. Lyons plumbing shop by virtue of his past experience with remodeling and plumbing, was assigned by authorities at the  Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC).  In the course of his assigned duties, this inmate ran across warning posters in the maze of plumbing beneath the building.  Having spent 30 years in the industry of remodeling, he was well aware that the warning indicated the materials warned about were asbestos and when undisturbed,  posed no threat to the public at large.  Through the course of his work with the prison crew, he became aware that the asbestos materials were being disturbed in reconfiguring the hospital facility into a prison facility.

This inmate, Reggie N. Keyes, R# 56804, collected samples of the material asbestos  and mailed them to the attorneys then working on the Montez case.  The Montez case was brought against authorities on behalf of inmates in within Colorado correctional facilities in hopes that he could forestall injury to inmates and employees due to asbestos exposure when the materials  were  disturbed during remodel. The letters were logged in as “Legal Mail”.

May 18, 2005, Mr. Keyes and Mr. Jeffrey Baker- while loading the plumbing cart for the days work-related activity,  were involved in a minor scuffle .  Mr. Baker received a shin bark and a few weeks later Mr. Keyes was arrested.

He was tried and convicted for that minor scuffle and ultimately sentenced to 24 years where no injury occurred.

It is Mr. Keyes premise that the Colorado’s Inspector General, Terry Reaves, confiscated Mr. Keyes’s legal mail and used the opportunity  to move Mr. Keyes out of Ft. Lyons facility and the plumbing job.  The guard overseeing the inmates as they prepared for the days activities was Christopher Reynolds, whose testimony differed from the pre-trial testimony regarding a piece of plumbing pipe.  Terry Reaves (the inspector general for the state) was seen bobbing his head  from the prosecutor’s table as Christopher Reynolds testimony differed   from his pre-trial testimony.

I have in my possession every element of this statement up to the trial transcripts which are under inspection by Mr. Keyes himself preparing for certiorari due December 10, 2010.

Inmates at Ft. Lyons are being exposed to Asbestos and those who speak out are very clearly being retaliated against…Where do we go, who do we turn to when issues of this magnitude occur? Who helps us to help those inside, who have no voice?



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