Prison guards’ union endorses Jerry Brown

California Correctional Peace Officers Association
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The union representing the state’s prison guards rolled out today its endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jerry Brown.

California Correctional Peace Officers Association President Mike Jimenez said in a news release that the union’s decision was guided by a “tremendous need for reform and a pragmatic approach and understanding of the crisis that we see within the correctional system.”

He said Brown, the state attorney general and former governor, has demonstrated the leadership and experience needed to address those challenges.

“Simply building more prisons is not the solution,” he said in a statement. “We need a governor that understands the nuances and is willing to bring all of the stakeholders to the table in a concerted effort to collectively resolve this ongoing problem.”

Brown’s rival, Republican Meg Whitman, has called for building more prisons to house the state’s inmate population.

The release, which you can read here, also states the group was looking to support a candidate who “appreciates and respects” the state workforce.

“State employees are essential to the success of California and should not be used as pawns in the political give-and-take in Sacramento,” Jimenez said in the statement.

CCPOA represents more than 30,000 correctional peace officers and parole officers working in the state correctional system.

Source: SacBee


2 thoughts on “Prison guards’ union endorses Jerry Brown

  1. An overhaul of the correctional institutions is necessary. No change in crime rates results from widespread incarceration. “Get tough on crime” politicians have done nothing but make the prison populations swell, adding to the Prison Industrial Complex.


  2. I love Jerry Brown I volunteered on his campaign when he ran against Bill Clinton for president. He cares about the people, his state, and the country. But, I am thrilled to find out the corrections officers in California are on the side of prison reform. He is an honorable and ethical man. Thank you for giving me a little hope today.


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