Prison Reform Movement on Blog Talk Radio 9/24

California State Capitol, Sacramento
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Jazzy Ahmed & Karen McDaniel will be my guests. Topics include an initiative for restoring California Family Visits and Highlighting services The Place 4 Grace provides to children of the incarcerated.

Show: 9/24/2010 11:00 PM   est, 10PM cst, 8PM pst


One thought on “Prison Reform Movement on Blog Talk Radio 9/24

  1. DOJ-Bureau Of Prisons- An Economic Disaster The Irrational Price Of Punishment In theory, incarceration or the threat of incarceration,is intended to serve three principal objectives. DETERRENCE, the term of imprisonment is designed to alter the thought process of society at large and the individual who has found him or herself in prison so that any future illegal act is avoided. REHABILITATION, the individual is to receive practical education or counseling to enable them to be contributing members of society post incarceration. Last would be PUNISHMENT; we intend to meet out an amount of vengeance to sate the victims of crime and to leave a mark on the incarcerated reminding them of the crime committed. Although the BOP has consistently received more than 6 billion dollars per year in the last several years it has failed miserably in all of its efforts. There are currently more than 220,000 federal prisoners, a staggering number which has increased in the last 25 years13 times faster than our population during the same number of years. Worldwide, including extremely dictatorial countries like North Korea, China, Cuba, Russia, and Iran, the rate of incarceration is currently 69 humans per 100,000 citizens. Yet the U.S. has a rate of incarceration of 753 humans per 100,000 inhabitants. Are we to assume that Americans are the most evil in the world. I hardly think so. Rehabilitation is another grand failure of the BOP. Over the same number of years the rate of recidivism for all the countries in the world is in the 20% range, yet the U.S. the number is also consistently in the 66% to 69%. What manufacture, service provider, or any type of business could endure a failure rate of 69% and continue to exist. There is total lack of rehabilitation at the BOP and the last 25 years speak fro themselves. Then we come to the punishment, how much do we want to punish the one who knowingly and sometimes not knowing, made a mistake and broke the law. What about the hundreds of good, righteous actions that were accomplished by these same people? The same effect of long draconian sentences could easily be achieved by sentencing these first offender to 12 to 18 months incarceration, followed by 2 to 5 years house arrest thus saving the family unit and the future of their children. There are upwards of 25 to 35 thousand federal prisoners which are a.) first time offenders, b.) non violent; c.) non sexual or drug related; d.) those over the age of 50 years where medical expenses are enormous yet recidivism rate is less than 3%. As a tax payer we can take immediate action with this large group of inmates if we are serious about dealing with nonsensical government spending. Home confinement with monitoring paid by the inmate after the initial 40% of their sentence has been served. After meeting the above requirement, community service in a preexisting public service program like hospitals, universities and many other that could use experienced people, as well as to prevent others from making similar mistakes. These alternatives would permit once productive members of society to return to the tax base, create jobs, and avoid draining federal resources and thus adding several billion dollars per year to our debilitated economy.


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