Carolyn LeCroy- The Messages Project

She’s a mother, separated from her child, but the child was too young when she left to understand why. Then, The Messages Project, Inc. gives this mother a chance to say the things she has long bottled up while trapped in the physical manifestation of her crime. She lets her child know that she made a mistake and that she never intended to abandon her child, which she recognizes is exactly what she did. However, more important than this mother’s recognition of these mistakes, is the gift of the child watching the video and knowing that he or she truly is loved.


The Messages Project


2 thoughts on “Carolyn LeCroy- The Messages Project

  1. Carolyn, I appauled you for taking the time to give back! You are also touching so many lives with what you are doing!!! I THANK YOU for thinking of more than yourself 🙂 Do you have something like this for Arizona?


  2. Comment: I support the whole concept of The Messages Project. Its need to help foster and promote communications between those who are incarcerated and their sons and daughters is a relatively inexpensive way for help all parties involved.

    In my estimation, without meaning to be sexist, it is patent that women tend to be more humane, empathetic and compassionate than men. By humane nature, women are the first nurturers in society, the one who first instill humane values in children.

    It would be great if this project could be developed, expanded and universalized for all inmates and their offspring. It could create a lot of motivation in so many different ways. Keep up the good work!
    Namaste, Che Peta


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