SATF hunger strike on D yard


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Via email to me yesterday- we all know the games CDCR play- the guys have said enough and are taking a stand…I hope that the media will pick this up and of course there will be NO retaliation to the prisoners……This is a very good look and eye opener as to  life inside

Good Evening: 

Our friends on loved ones on D4 have gone on a hunger strike for the following reasons. They have asked for messages to be passed along to men on all yards and buildings for support! This started tonight and was document…ed with CDCR as well as medical. Please send prayers, and support for our loved ones. Feel free to contact me on group or off about this matter. I will post this info on PTO later on this evening or tomorrow!

This is what is being said so far:

Day One of The hunger Strike: In protest of the deep rooted corruption of this institution (C.S.A.T.F./SP), the frequent misconduct of its staff, and its substandard medical practices towards ill prisoners.

We are subjected to intense daily psychological abuse and torment by the institutional polices of lockdowns and by the disregard of our basic human rights by its staff, that erodes the human psyche and strips us of our dignity. Through the …systematic use of unsubstantiated lockdowns that result in: 1.) Our visitation with loved ones being seized and witheld. 2.) Continuous confinement to our cells for 24 hours a day, everyday on baseless grounds, while at times depriving us of running water, flushable toilets, electrical power, air, and showers. 3.) Consistently and repeatedly being denied outdoor rec time whether on a fallacious lockdown or not. 4.) Being denied access to hygienic items necessary to maintain a healthy life. 5.) The substandard medical treatment for the ill, elderly, and disabled prisoners that is a result of medical staffs diregard to ones medical condition.

We come from different backgrounds, are of different races, have different beliefs and speak different languages. But we come together to express our disgust that we share towards the corruption of this institution, its lockdown policies, lack of adequate medical care, and staff misconduct. Our hunger strike is to call attention to these issues so they may be resloved and for this institution to be held accountable for its unjust treatment of prisoners. —Corcoran, California


Good morning I really need help here yesterday Saturday visits were cancelled at SAFT at 8am. The message was changed at 8am although the guys were told last night. Friday during the dayWhile walking to chow two guys got into a fight so they cancel the visits for the yard. Visiting is an ongoing problem there the appointment process was starte and now they allow 21 appt perHalf hour while Kern Valley and others process 50 people per half hour. Then when you email they don’t respond when you call your told they have no appointments. The guys have been on a modified Program for months now with only visits I guess so the public wouldn’t know. No yard, mails that takes 2-3 weeks. We have received one letter in a month my son doesn’t want to write anymore Cause we don’t get his mail. Anyways I received a call asking for help they will be going on a hunger strike tonight Sunday and need help I do not know who to contact and was hoping you do, weAre appealling my sons conviction and I am praying there is no violence we don’t need my son to have more time added to his sentence. I can’t sleep am worried sick. If you can help they said to Contact the ACLU, the media and any attorney available.

God Bless


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