The Real Green Wall

By Abi Shewtou

Who is the “Real Green Wall”?

In 2004, the CDCR implemented the “Zero Tolerance” policy regarding the “Code of Silence” among the unit 6 membership. The CDCR went a step further and in March 2005 a code of conduct was published which included a disciplinary matrix listing types of misconduct and associated penalties being created and implemented. The matrix was modeled on a statewide law enforcement industry standard.

Yet the CDCR has remained silent for years in holding Mike Jimenez, State President of CCPOA, to the same conditions of employment that all unit 6 members are mandated to comply with on an annual basis. In addition, let us be clear, failure to comply with the conditions of employment has the potential of punitive action up to and including dismissal from employment.

The CDCR clearly outlines the conditions of employment in the DOM (Department Operations Manual), Chapter 3, Personnel, Training, and Employee Relations section. Two easily recognizable conditions of employment (that all of the unit 6 membership is required to comply with) include the annual TB skin test and annual range qualification. Is there a CDCR Range Master out there that can recall seeing Mike Jimenez on the firing line in the past 12 months?

Why is this important? Mike Jimenez is employed by the CDCR as a Correctional Officer. Per the CCPOA Bylaws and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), the State President must be a “member in good standing”. As the CDCR continues his employment (thereby making him eligible to be a “member in good standing”, they have enabled Mike Jimenez, State President of CCPOA, to orchestrate the robbing and looting of the unit 6 membership.

Am I being overly dramatic in my statement of “robbing and looting”? I have been reading the depositions from the CUSA case and am dumbfounded that the CDCR has allowed Mike Jimenez to continue his employment as a peace officer for so long. Why am I dumbfounded? If the CDCR had performed its due diligence it is realistic to say that Mike Jimenez would not have been eligible to be the State President of CCPOA as he has not met the conditions of employment to be a peace officer for at least 18 months and quite possible the past four years or longer based on available public records.

Of course, the CDCR may have had a self-serving motive in allowing Mike Jimenez to continue his employment, as they were well aware of his narcissistic tendencies. The motive being the current state of impasse of labor negotiations that facilitated the realization of the “Implemented Terms” in 2007.

Through the continued failure of the CDCR to perform due diligence on available public records, the CDCR has enabled Mike Jimenez to remain employed and thereby qualified to be the elected State President of CCPOA. This negligence on the CDCR’s part is now costing the unit 6 membership over $11 million dollars in civil court damages based on Mike Jimenez’ actions (or inaction) as the State President of CCPOA.

Based on the above I assert that the CDCR, employer of Mike Jimenez, State President of CCPOA, is the “Real Green Wall”!




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