Lockdowns: YOUR participation required, PLEASE!!!

Via Sharon McNary @ KPCC: Hello  friends, especially those who work in, or have loved ones in California state prisons. We’re interested in knowing what you know about prison lockdowns. It’s confidential. Please share KPCC’s questions widely with your own networks and help shape our coverage.


Thursday Nov. 11th | Insight Network

Prison lockdowns: How are you affected?


If you live, work or have loved ones in a California state prison, please help our reporters understand the impact of inmate lockdowns from your perspective.

What do you know about the causes and fallout of prison lockdowns? Who is helped or harmed when the movement, phone access, visitation and other activities of thousands of inmates are restricted for weeks, sometimes months at a time?

Your responses are confidential, nothing you share here is aired or published without your permission. A reporter or producer may call or write for more information.

Please use this form to describe just one California state prison. If you’d like to describe additional prisons, come back to this form and submit a new copy for each additional prison.

We want to hear from as many people as possible who are familiar with prison lockdowns.  http://bit.ly/Lockdowns



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