The True Story Behind “Conviction”

View this short trailer ….

When Kenny Waters was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, his sister Betty Anne Waters promised to help overturn his conviction and set him free. She put herself through college and law school and worked with the Innocence Project to obtain the DNA tests that finally proved Kenny’s innocence. Their story is the subject of the film “Conviction.” Learn more about the movie and the work of the Innocence Project at

2 thoughts on “The True Story Behind “Conviction”

  1. I went to Federal Trial with a Public Defender. I had a Jury of 12 women. The Fed’s filled the court room with agents. I asked why so many agents? My PD said I was a training session, they have never seen a trial before.
    Well I got 66 months. Any they call that a fair trail? Many other snipped I could add about the Fed Trial, but will hold my peace. I am now free. Well not in prison.


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