“I dont need no warrant, Mother F*cker”……

Phoenix Cop Murders Unarmed Man and His Dog

the video is highly disturbing, and Frank Marino should be charged with obstruction of Justice!

What do police departments expect when they openly hire idiots? This man should be charged with two counts of murder. We need to get back to better times, times when police protected citizens instead of working for the corrupt federal government.

Officer Chrismans partner was actually one of the people who reported what actually happened. I would like to commend the sergent who stood up and told the truth about this vicious murder. He actually came out and said he did NOT feel threatened by the victim at any time!

The man that is defending this murder should be immediately fired. How can this man openly promote a murderer on National TV?

When the officers entered the home the twenty nine year old man told them to leave, saying they needed a warrant. Officer Chrisman then pulled out his gun, put it to the mans head and said, “I don’t need no warrant mother F*****” Then it turned in to a heated argument, the victim was tazed twice, shot and KILLED the family dog, then shot and killed the victim.

Source: Sott.Net


3 thoughts on ““I dont need no warrant, Mother F*cker”……

  1. Whatever happened to “Protect and Serve”?! There needs to be stricter psychological background checks to enter the police academy. Crooked cops only further erode the public’s trust.


  2. The chief said he had disiplanary problems in the past, but not to this level. Duh, they usually build up to murder, not start off that way. That’s why the prior incidents are WARNING SIGNS of a loose canon. The policem sheriff, and CDC need to have a NO TOLERANCE POLICY, Fu*k up once and your FIRED!!!!! Before someone loses their life.


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