Video shows Ariz officer stepping on inmate’s neck

The jail video shows an officer stomping on the neck of an inmate who is handcuffed and bent over a desk

By Amanda Lee Myers
Associated Press 

PHOENIX — A jail surveillance video circulating online shows an Arizona detention officer stepping on the neck of an inmate who was restrained and bent over a table.

Maricopa County sheriff‘s Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan said Thursday that detention officer Kevin Gerster resigned on Wednesday following his arrest earlier in the week on aggravated assault and other charges.

A Nov. 11 video released by the sheriff’s office to members of the media on Monday shows inmate William Hughes handcuffed behind his back, bent over a table, and surrounded by three officers. An officer authorities have identified as Gerster walks up to the men, stands on the table, steps on Hughes’ neck and appears to lean on the inmate.

A call to a phone number listed under a Kevin Gerster in the Phoenix area was not immediately returned Thursday and it was unclear whether he had a lawyer.

The video of the assault also shows the officer later punching Hughes in the back of the head four times and kicking him in the leg once. Investigators also said they believe he slammed Hughes’ head up against a wall in his jail cell, although there is no video evidence of that.

Sheridan said Hughes did not require medical treatment and didn’t have any apparent neck injuries, although he had some bruising and a cut on his forehead, which investigators believe happened in his jail cell.

Gerster posted a $36,000 secured appearance bond Tuesday after he was booked into jail on aggravated assault charges stemming from Hughes’ assault and from a June incident, which was uncovered during the recent investigation.

In a June video also released to the media, Gerster is shown punching inmate Michael Flores in the jaw.

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