“Breathing In The Moon” by George Martorano

“Breathing In The Moon”

December 14th, 2010 by George Martorano

The moon is very full. So full it’s as if its bottom touches the earth. It gives such an orange and silver glow it makes me breathe deep. It makes me feel alive, down below it here in this prison. Down below at the very bottom of a life.
Standing there I see them fly. Birds, many, on a night-lit flight. I can even hear them… and I breathe deeper. Just the light from the moon, birds flying above, making me feel so alive. Feel as though I can make it. Even as my heart feels at the edge, so close to the fall. I must truly fight not to tumble down. Not down to the ground, but further. The bottom. It is where there is no soul left, where one becomes beast. I shan’t let this happen, I still have warmth of heart.
Yes, above is the moon, the flock far off and faint… I breathe, breathe and wonder why leave this spot. I need to ponder a little longer, ponder things I have not had or felt for ages. I ponder on what I was, and what I have become. Is it this lovely moon that is doing this to me.?
I am thankful I ventured out of my cell this night and find myself here. Yet, I also wonder, is there something, anything for me to be thankful for?
Yes… I’m grateful for honestly being me. Me alone to go through half my life caged. And not wishing it on another… and I breath.

George Martorano 12973-004


2 thoughts on ““Breathing In The Moon” by George Martorano

  1. Just beautiful. It is the moon.
    And it’s amazing. i’m glad you got to see it. I know men that havent seen the moon in 20 years,or a tree or well.. we all know.
    I loved this piece.


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