When a Child is Too Young to Realize All Rights Are Being Violated

Amber Rose Riley

I have been actively seeking assistance for Amber who has been incarcerated since she was 16. She is now 22 and sitting in a California State Womens Prison.

I am moved to tears that some friends put this video together- Amber deserves our support and I am hoping that by circulating the video, the assistance we seek will materialize.

Please help me make the video & Amber’s story go viral….she deserves our support! You can read more about Amber here on this blog, in the archives….



6 thoughts on “When a Child is Too Young to Realize All Rights Are Being Violated

  1. Chris, once again I am hear to tell u how sry I am that u lost ur brother. Not only did u lose ur brother I lost my baby sister and my parents lost their daughter. Jason stood up on thr stand and told the jury that amber didnt do it. How much more do u want? She couldnt hurt a fly. She cared about ur brother and im telling u this whole case has been corupt the cops bullied her, anfd led that mean bastard in & out of the interogation room and allowing him to bully her also. I understand being hurt and angry but one would think yall would want justice. Real justice for the bastard that killed that sweet young man. I think that cruel mf’er should die a horrible slow painful death. Amber rose riley should be allowed to come hm where she belongs. Shr has already lost her whole childhood and some of her adulthood over something she had no control over. The only mistake she made was allowing that ( uhhhhmmmm ill refrain from calling him what id like to) bastard into their group of friends. I love u amber and we r trying to get u home. Keep ur head held high and faith in ur heart love the good one lol


  2. I know that sweet young girl better than most i am her sister. She would never be capable of such a thing, she has the biggest heart i have ever seen. I am sorry to the young mans family a loss i would never want to endure but instead of speaking from anger and hurt u should do ur damnedest to make sure the monster that actually did this alone and traumatized a beautiful baby for the rest of her life gets his fair punishment fifty yrs in the pen is nowhere near enough punishment for that devil. She was wrongly convicted and has lost her life for something she couldnt control. Now help her come home we need her she needs us and its time she try to live some what of a normL life.


  3. Very curious to see how this story plays out.. I have a fiance in Calif. state pen doing life for a crime he did commit.He went in at 16 with no family members living and was all alone..Had no help from anyone.. Today he is one of the best people I have ever met. He is turning 45 this year..And deserves a chance!!!! Amber Riley will be in my thoughts and prayers.. Thank-You and GOD BLESS..


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