Wanted: Information on deaf inmates in prisons & jails….

Received via email today:  If you know of an inmate that is hearing impaired , please share with Jeremy Young ( contact below).  His work is incredible, honest and very informative…..


I wanted to send out an update on the latest project that we have started working on.  We are planning on doing a half-hour program looking at deaf inmates in jails and prisons.  I wanted to see if anybody is familiar with any resources, stories, contacts, story lines, people or places where I should begin to reach out to?  So far I have found very few articles touching on this subject.

In case you haven’t had the chance to see all of our programs that cover criminal justice issues….here are the links:

Politics of Death Row– September 28, 2010


Dying Inside: Elderly in Prison– June 7, 2010


Mental Illness in America ’s Prisons- December 6, 2009


Thanks in advance for all your hard work and your help!

Jeremy Young

Al Jazeera English- Fault Lines

1627 K Street, 11th Floor

Washington, D.C. 20006

Work- 202.496.4543

Cell- 202.651.1632


3 thoughts on “Wanted: Information on deaf inmates in prisons & jails….

  1. We have started a blog dedicated to precisely this subject. It’s a WordPress blog, http://deafinprison.com. We have several contributors who are immersed and well versed in this issue. Please visit our site, and perhaps we can engage in link sharing or cross-contributing.

    Thank you, BitcoDavid


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