Another Manson family member denied parole

Patricia Krenwinkel
Image via Wikipedia

Will anyone involved in the murders prompted by their devotion to Charles Manson ever see the light of day?

In a ruling Thursday, the California parole board denied parole for Patricia Krenwinkel, who informed the board she killed for the love of Manson.

The two-member panel noted Thursday that it was the horror of the killings, one of the most notorious of the 20th century, that led them to reject the bid for parole in spite of Krenwinkel’s efforts to rehab her life.

They said that the murders of seven people, including actress Sharon Tate and her baby, had impacted the entire world as evidenced by letters which came in worldwide urging that she be kept behind bars.

“These crimes remain relevant,” said parole commissioner Susan Melanson. “The public is in fear.”

Melanson and Deputy Commissioner Steven Hernandez gave their decision following a four-hour hearing and more than an hour of deliberations at which Krenwinkel wept, apologized for her actions and said she was ashamed of her actions.

Members of victims’ families also cried and recalled their suffering following the murders and called for Krenwinkel to be kept behind bars. According to Melanson, the notoriety of the crimes and their viciousness weighed heavily in the decision.

“This is a crime children grow up hearing about,” she commented, and noted that Krenwinkel failed to understand the worldwide impact.


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