Restore California Family Visiting…..

Please help us restore california visiting for inmates and their family!!!

Our initiative seeks to restore family visits for lifers with the same exceptions that have always been in place for sex offenders, etc. As you know, family contact w…ith spouses and children significantly increases the chances of successful rehabilitation, increases good behavior during confinement and results in better outcomes for children of inmates. Furthermore, one of our basic premises is that family members, especially children, have committed no crime, and deserve and have a right to physical contact with their parent.

We seek your guidance, advice, input and support because we believe that it is imperative to involve VICTIMS in this initiative. In fact, we seek to require a fee for family visits that would allow for funds to be placed in the Victim’s Compensation Fund. We realize that there must be a balance between the rights of the incarcerated, as well as the victims. You may check out our website at


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