The case of Jeremy Bamber UK

A Human Rights case, Jeremy Bamber, has been incarcerated for 26 years, he is innocent, through corruption and monitary greed, he was convicted. Take a little time out and acquaint yourselves to his case. If this can happen to him, a nobody, it could happen to you too.

In 1986 Jeremy Bamber was wrongly convicted of murdering five members of his family at their home White House Farm in the village of Toleshunt D’arcy, Essex during the early hours of August 7th 1985.

Initially police believed that Jeremy’s sister, Sheila Caffell, a paranoid schizophrenic had shot the family at close range with a rifle. The inquest recorded the tragedy as four murders and a suicide. 

But after the killings witnesses found new evidence from the crime scene which was submitted to Police after their initial searches and Jeremy was charged with murder. He has always maintained his innocence. There is now enough evidence to prove that he did not commit the crime and that he didn’t receive a fair trial.

Jeremy has fought tirelessly to clear his name and is currently waiting for the CCRC to put his case forward for a third appeal.

2 thoughts on “The case of Jeremy Bamber UK

  1. Not my wording… you can see, this post is attributed to someone else; and I believe the term ‘nobody’ refers only to a common person like you and me….no offense was intended nor should any be taken!


  2. Why do you refer to Jeremy as a ‘nobody’? He is a ‘SOMEBODY’ and quite a remrkable ‘SOMEBODY’. Even after 26 years of wrongful imprisonment he is not bitter or angry. He remains positive and optimistic with the knowledge that one day justice will prevail.


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