Jerry Brown defends prison guard contract

Marisa Lagos, Chronicle Staff Writer

Gov. Jerry Brown this week slammed Republican lawmakers and other critics of a contract agreement he made with the 30,000-member prison guards union, saying the deal is virtually identical to pacts his Republican predecessor made with other unions that they readily supported.

The agreements with the California Correctional Police Officers Association and five other public employee unions representing another 20,000 state workers were seen as a victory for Brown’s administration until GOP lawmakers began picking them apart.

Critics say the contract proposals won’t cut state spending by nearly enough. That claim was bolstered this week when a nonpartisan analyst concluded the deals will save $129 million less than Brown estimated in his budget plan.

The governor said he deliberately overestimated how much savings would be achieved as a negotiating tactic.

‘A good deal’


One thought on “Jerry Brown defends prison guard contract

  1. Since when did “same as last time” equal “a good idea”. “Same as last time” is more of the same disasterous decision that’s been made to spend more on prisons and less on education. HOW is that a good idea?


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