What is going on @ Soledad?

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Receiving reports that many prisoners at CTF Soledad are sick and have been sick for sometime now. The guys are saying the fields next to the recreation yards are being sprayed and think maybe whatever is being sprayed is causing them to get sick.  Grapevines are the crops that are being sprayed….but from the sound of things, the sickness could very well be Valley Fever…..

Why is CDCR not acting on this?

Here is what I have received:

I am in Soledad Central yard and right next to the grape fields our yard is . You can actually see the grape vines . They are tellin everyone here that it is Bronchitis -everyone who has it . Its Bullshit and i had it 4 at least a mth now myself. We got at least a hundred or more affected wth it . Its Krazy really and they been knowin it . Ive even heard its a form of a strain of Valley Fever because we are in the heartland of the Salad Bowl Capitol here . Major insectiside sprayin goin on . . .


Hi Carol
I and 20 to 30 other guys have some sort of chest congestion that wont go away. I think it is from spraying in the fields next to the yard. I am collecting names of those affected that I know.
Is there any way you can help?


3 thoughts on “What is going on @ Soledad?

  1. this just in:
    There are a lot of people with the same thing here. I have not had anyone identify it except that a guy I know has about 600 pages of stuff from a spraying incident at the farm next door to the west. It was owned by Garcia farming & harvesting, now Western farming. (831)262.7911. The Monterey county ag. Commissioner web site is http://www.co.monterey.ca/ag
    The Agricultural Bioliogst was Heather Healy.
    The pesticide episode investigation report was by Karen Stahlman mo. Co.ag com on 8.4.06 Ryan ranch Lot 030017 at the time the program manager was Chris LeVenton.
    Also there is a site http//www.atsdr.cdc.gov and http//www.epa.gov

    The reciever wants inmates to file 602s and that is a long road and who knows if it will bear fruit until it goes to court. I just want to be treated for the cause not the symptoms. This is real problem and one of the reasons that the CDCR is so bad at health matters.


  2. it is not mold that we know of; I have no reports yet of any guards being ill…but that doesnt mean they are not. If the inmates are exposed, so is staff.We are ruling out VF for now….keep i n mind, just because you havent heard anything, doesnt mean its not true….I have had more than the two reports I have published here….other prisons are hearing about this as well. Something is def going on….business as usual in CA prisons. Those that are hardest hit are those with compromised health systems already.


  3. Are the guards also coming down with it? Could there be a mold problem? I haven’t heard about any of these symptoms next door at SVSP. About the Valley Fever…while it’s possible in that area (mostly if there is loose dirt that’s been disturbed) it’s probably unlikely. They could actually have bronchitis, or it may be the spraying, or perhaps there’s mold… but shouldn’t the c/o’s be having the same issues? And if they are, what are they doing about it? That’s the million dollar question!


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