California: two riots in two days…..

San Quentin State Prison, located in Marin Cou...
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At least 2 inmates hospitalized after 200-person riot at San Quentin

At least four prisoners were hospitalized Sunday night after a riot that involved some 200 inmates at San Quentin State Prison, authorities said.

The incident took place at approximately 6:50 p.m. in the prison’s dining area, said Lt. Sam Robinson, public information officer for the prison.

Few details were available, but at least four inmates were transported to area hospitals because their injuries were too severe to be treated on-site, Robinson said.

Details on the injuries were not available but they included slash and stabbing wounds, Robinson said, adding that 10 inmate-made weapons were discovered after the incident.

The cause of riot is under investigation.

“Various ethnic groups were involved,” Robinson said.

No staff were injured during the riot. Pepper spray was used to help quell the incident.

By Will Jason
Marin Independent Journal


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