Who should CA release to reduce prison crowding? Tell KPCC public radio.


How should California cut the prison population?

San Quentin Prison - Justin Sullivan, Getty ImagesHello from Sharon McNary in the KPCC newsroom. I’m writing to you and others in our Insight Network of news sources who have told us they have lived, worked or had family members in the California prison system. I’ve got some news for you today and a request to help inform our coverage of prison crowding.

First, the news: The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that California must cut its prison population by more than 30,000 inmates over the next two years. What does this mean to you?

Click to see KPCC's questionsFor background, here is today’s news story and a link to the Supreme Court decision. KPCC state reporter Julie Small explained the decision on The Madeleine Brand Show this morning. And Larry Mantle spoke with Don Specter of the Prison Law Office and L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca and others about the decision on today’s AirTalk.

Now it’s time to hear from you. Click here to tell KPCC how this decision should be put into effect and how it matters to you.

Your response is confidential and seen only by journalists. Nothing you share is aired or published without your permission, however, I read and respond to what you tell us and share it with our reporter. It helps inform our coverage of important issues like prison conditions and medical care.

Thanks again for your continued participation in the Public Insight Network, and I look forward to hearing your stories.


Sharon McNary, KPCCSharon McNary
Public Insight Journalism at KPCC

See other questions: www.kpcc.org/network

What is the Public Insight Network?
The Public Insight Network is you and thousands of others like you who have agreed to share what they know to help public radio cover the news, find stories, and add depth to our reporting.

As part of the Public Insight Network, you have an open line into our newsrooms and programs. We’ll send you about an e-mail a month asking for your knowledge on issues and stories we are pursuing.


2 thoughts on “Who should CA release to reduce prison crowding? Tell KPCC public radio.

  1. It will be necessary to reform both ends of the prison element – the sentencing and the parole – both have contributed to the overcrowding and necessitate change to maintain reduced population numbers.

    There is a potential problem if the fear mongering politicians and their lobbyists eventually frighten enough people to support building more prisons. A good thing about a bad economy is that such expansive wastes of money are not as successful.


  2. If CA would release those too elderly/disabled to commit violent crimes (not release those for sexual grooming/assault of children), those who committed crimes while suffering from PTSD from violent partners, and non-violent drug offenders, many budget problems, as well as human rights problems, would get fixed.


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