Get Smart on Reporting Prison Costs: A View From Inside

By Barry Littleton


A recent story by Bill Boyarsky, the political correspondent for Truthdig and former city editor, columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for The Los Angeles Times was headlined:  “Are reporters missing the real story about our criminal justice system?”

Two paragraphs later he wrote, “I’m wondering if I’ve already lost some of my readers. Who cares about criminals? Some of the journalists I met last week said they get the same reaction from their editors”

As a prisoner currently serving time in California, I can offer some useful advice.

Prisons are like boats. They are constantly leaking; and they take a tremendous amount of money to keep afloat. Unlike boats, though, prisons are operated and maintained through the use of taxpayer money―lots and lots of taxpayer money. They suck this money into a morass of poorly operated, historically racist, poorly designed buildings full of prisoners,

Prisoners with only the hope that they will get out some day, and not much more.

The damage to the taxpayer is evident. Look at the way California is struggling with education. Look at how we are juggling best case/worst case scenarios of higher cost to college and university students; and worse, layoff notices to teachers who are responsible for children at the most crucial point in their education.

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One thought on “Get Smart on Reporting Prison Costs: A View From Inside

  1. The prisons are also corrupt with no discipline inside the walls. They are one of the big reason they are overcrowded.


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