Updates on the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike….URGENT!!!!!

Folks it is getting very serious…Please read the following updates- and as usual, CDCR is DENYING  the very REAL seriousness of this situation, Please please contact Governor Brown and make some NOISE!! One death is too much…CDCR need to respond!!!


Via Twitter: @KPCCjulie Fed receiver’s office for prison med care calls claims of hunger strikers’ dehydration/vomiting/fainting “largely exaggerated”


Exaggerated???   read on…..


Via – My Brothers Keeper:

July 12, 2011

He’s Dying…….

This is Bryan !!! PLEASE READ

I received this update directly from Ed Mead, the editor of the California Prison Focus paper, with whom I have been in direct contact from the beginning:

Updated News Item on Hunger Strike:
Tuesday 8:30 AM: According to a SHU nurse, things are bad at Pelican Bay. The prisoners have not been drinking water and there have been rapid and severe consequences. Nurses are crying. All of the medical staff has been ordered to work overtime to follow and treat the hunger strikers. As of Monday, there were about 50 on C-SHU and 150 on D-SHU. They are not drinking water and have decompensated rapidly. Some are in renal failure and have been unable to make urine for 3 days. Some are having measured blood sugars in the 30 range, which can be fatal if not treated. They have refused concentrated sugar packs and ensure. The staff has taken them to the CTC and given them intravenous glucose when allowed by the prisoners, but some won’t accept this medical support. As of Monday, no one has been force fed with a nasogastric tube. A few have tried to sip water but are so sick that they are vomiting it back up. Some of the medical staff is freaked out because clearly some of these guys seem determined to die. Not taking the water is crushing the staff because the prisoners are progressing rapidly to the organ damaging consequences of dehydration.

I know for an absolute fact based on my in person conversations with Bryan that he is refusing water at this phase of the hunger strike….. 

May God have mercy on us all for allowing this to happen…..this is is our doing….. our elected officials used our tax dollars to create the SuperMax prison system, and the evil of that place has driven the men to this change the system or die situation …. and my friend Bryan is dying now.   

Also from Ed Mead via email to me:
Below is a letter from a PBSP Hunger Striker. Here is the letter from Chad Landrum:
“It’s been a difficult and uphill battle, a lot of brow-beating and direct debate, but as it stands all are participating on a limited basis. Some, including myself, are going “indefinitely”… victory or death! I ask that you and those necessary are aware of our participation. Geographically we are isolated from the main SHU facility and PBSP will try to isolate and restrain our info from getting out. We are in A-Z. Also, as you know, I’m sincerely sick with end stage liver disease (ESLD) and a severe case of related diabetes. I’m going to end up in the hospital almost immediately and will be effectively isolated. Due to my dedication to the struggle I will continue with my strike. I won’t know when to stop. If the demands have been met in whole, negotiated part, etc. I will not take the cops’ word for the pigs have proven their word to be hollow. I will need the word of you or your outside support. Likewise, please keep those convicts at the heart of this struggle in D short [corridor] abreast of my circumstances (most know me as ‘Ghost’ or  ‘Landale’). Hopefully the situation doesn’t deteriorate to this. What that I end this letter with the words of Ulrike Meinhof [of Germany’s Red Army Faction], ‘Protest is when I say I don’t like this or that. Resistance is when I see to it that things I don’t like do not occur.’”

Chad Landrum #J-53747
Pelican Bay State Prison
A-2-114 – MED/SHU
P.O. Box 7500
Crescent City, CA 95531


My friend, Bryan is in the D2 Short Corridor…one of 150 who are dying at this very moment…Please call the Governor Brown and CDCR Sec. Cates…

Call Every Day!
Gov. Jerry Brown (his line is always busy)
(916) 445-2841
Secretary Matthew Cate (I always get through on this number….and called just now, call him first)
(916) 323-6001
Call and say this:
“Hi my name is _____. I’m calling about the statewide prisoner hunger strike that began at Pelican Bay. I support the prisoners & their reasonable “five core demands.” I urge the CDCR to negotiate with the prisoners immediately & in good faith. Thank You.”

URGENT: Hunger Striker’s Health Rapidly Deteriorates

Posted on July 12, 2011


Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity coalition received an urgent update from medical staff at Pelican Bay State Prison that the health of at least 200 hunger strikers in the SHU is rapidly worsening. A source with access to the current medical conditions who prefers to be unnamed reported:

“The prisoners are progressing rapidly to the organ damaging consequences of dehydration. They are not drinking water and have decompensated rapidly. A few have tried to sip water but are so sick that they are vomiting it back up. Some are in renal failure and have been unable to make urine for 3 days. Some are having measured blood sugars in the 30 range, which can be fatal if not treated.

SHU prisoners at Pelican Bay have said they are willing to risk their lives and will continue to strike until their demands are met. The CDCR continues to refuse to negotiate.

Prisoners across CA continue to refuse food in solidarity with the Pelican Bay SHU hunger strikers.

This past weekend, families and friends sent encouragement and support to their loved ones during weekend visits at prisons across the state, witnessing the toll the hunger strike is taking on their bodies. Families have said their loved ones are extremely pale, shaking and have already lost 20-30 pounds. Some families of prisoners who have only been drinking water for 12 days now witnessed their loved ones faint or go into diabetic shock in visiting rooms over the weekend.

People locked up across the state have been telling their friends and families about the tactics prison officials have been using to break the strike.

Many prisoners have said that medications are being denied to prisoners on hunger strike.

Prisoners have reported that guards in at least Pelican Bay General Population and Calipatria State Prison have been calling throughout blocks and units: “The Hunger Strike is over! The 5 demands have been met!” which is not true. According to family members of prisoners at Calipatria, participation at Calipatria was huge–at least 1,500 prisoners throughout that prison alone joined the hunger strike– until the guards spread rumors of the strike ending. Some prisoners at Calipatria remain on hunger strike, however.

While the CDCR released it’s estimate of 6,600 prisoners participating in the hunger strike during the 4th of July weekend and declared the numbers dropping to over 2,100 in the following days, of course the CDCR failed to mentioned how and why that happened. The decline in numbers in no way demonstrates a lack of support or dedication to this struggle from the prisoners, rather how eager the CDCR is to make this issue go away quickly and quietly.

Families and community organizations like Prison Moratorium Project continue to rally support outside of striking prisons like Corcoran, sharing information and trying to visit their loved ones as regularly as possible. Families and community members are also supporting the strike outside Pelican Bay.

Support for this hunger strike is at a crucial point, where we need to pressure the CDCR to negotiate with the prisoners immediately. Call the CDCR and urge them to negotiate NOW. Also call your legislators and urge them to make sure the CDCR negotiates with the prisoners in good faith. Click here for more info, including a sample script and phone numbers.

***The coalition also needs help getting updates and information to prisoners throughout CA. If you know people who are locked up in CA, please either send us their information or send them updates of the strike, including how people are supporting outside. The Hunger Strikers need our support, and need to know how much support is growing for them outside prison. ***

***An emergency press conference will be held Wed July 13th at 11 am outside the California State Building in San Francisco (Van Ness & McAllister)***


4 thoughts on “Updates on the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike….URGENT!!!!!



    An indefinite hunger strike began on 1st July by the prisoners held in the Pelican Bay Security Housing unit (SHU). They have been joined by prisoners in the Corcoran and Folsom SHUs. Huge amounts of domestic and foreign support has been organized for these prisoners. In order to win this struggle, however, every available resource must be brought into play. We are at a historical juncture in which prisoners can take control of their lives, to have some say in the conditions in which they are expected to exist, or else they will continue to be mere pawns acted upon by external forces and watch things get even worse.

    Starting IMMEDIATELY, defendants/prisoners can start the process of improving their conditions of existence by implementing a peaceful work strike in every prison in the state. Defendants may draft demands as each facility sees fit, however, the first demand on the list must be to implement the core demands of the prisons held in the SHUs,.

    The longest prison work strike in US history was at the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla in 1978 which lasted for 47 days. It resulted in the release of the Walla Walla Brothers from the SHU, the Director of Corrections, Harold Bradley, being fired, the warden removed and the associate warden of custody transferred to a youth facility. Work strikes can and do result in positive change!

    In the recent Georgia strike, prisoners in every prison went on a statewide peaceful work strike. The prisoners were supported by their families and friends, who helped spread the word of the planned strike to other prisons and found supportive groups in a wide variety of communities to bring information about the prisoners’ conditions and bring attention to their demands.

    Plaintiffs and prisoners want to do the same thing here in California.

    It is up to YOU to get this message to everyone you trust at your prison and to spread the word across all yards. You are being asked to tell other prisoners that, STARTING IMMEDIATELY, no work will be performed.

    NO WORK means no kitchen, no hospital, no anything, NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Anyone advocating violence is a provocateur and listening to such people will on result in defeat. The struggle must be solid and protracted. Plaintiffs on the outside will provide support by amplifying your choice. If you are not the person to get this done, then please give this document to someone you think is.

    Let’s recap …

    · Effective IMMEDIATELY—prisoners initiate a peaceful work stoppage at all prisons.

    · Nobody works—no exceptions.

    · The Walla Walla record is 47 days (it will take time to change public consciousness).

    · There must be NO VIOLENCE of any nature.

    · The first demand to be amended is “debriefing”, as it is known in SHU prison policy, will no longer be tolerated or permitted and considered a crime committed by the institutions that seek it as a means of control.

    The strike is over when the prisoners win or are defeated.

    If local demands are not met, then the strike may continue at that individual facility.

    The first step of becoming part of prisoner history is to communicate the essence of this document to others on the inside. This message is going into prisons across the state by this and other means.

    This is NOW a nationwide effort so please repost, repost, repost on all social networking sites.

    Send this to everyone in every prison by every means possible.


  2. URGENT! — Please distribute far and wide

    Dear Friends,

    On Wednesday, DAY 13 of the Pelican Bay prisoner hunger strike, an Encampment at
    KRST Unity Center in South Central LA begins (KRST Unity Center is at 7825 S.
    Western). Wednesday, July13, marks the 13th day of the hunger strike at Pelican
    Bay State Prison Security Housing Unit (SHU) and other CA prisons. This is a
    serious situation.

    This Encampment will be a center for all those who support the just demands of
    the hunger striking prisoners; a space where people will participate in a
    solidarity hunger strike / fast, in unity with the prisoners and opposed to the
    torture going on in the Pelican Bay SHU and other CA prisons.

    Will you take part in this solidarity hunger strike / fast (for 24 hours)? Will
    you add your name publicly to the call for this solidarity hunger strike /
    fast? Will you write a statement in support? A solidarity hunger strike /
    fast is one key way, not the only way, but certainly one key way actors,
    academics, artists, lawyers, faith based people, youth and students, families of
    the incarcerated and everyone can show their support right now; a way to
    coalesce, unite and collectively make impact. Will you participate in a press
    conference at KRST Unity Center Wednesday to announce this?

    The 5 core demands of the prisoners are listed below. Your voice and support is
    needed, now.

    Please get back to us by email or phone ASAP. Thanks.

    California Prison Hunger Strike Action Network
    Call 213-840-5348
    For background info:
    Firedoglake wrote this article on the Pelican Bay hunger strike:

    Revolution newspaper revcom.usfor reportage and analysis;
    Laura Magnani’s study on long-term isolation in CA prisons — “Buried Alive”:


    Basic Core Demands From Pelican Bay Prisoners (Security Housing Unit)

    1. Eliminate group punishments. Instead, practice individual accountability.
    When an individual prisoner breaks a rule, the prison often punishes a whole
    group of prisoners of the same race. This policy has been applied to keep
    prisoners in the SHU indefinitely and to make conditions increasingly harsh.

    2. Abolish the debriefing policy and modify active/inactive gang status
    criteria. Prisoners are accused of being active or inactive participants of
    prison gangs using false or highly dubious evidence, and are then sent to
    long-term isolation (SHU). They can escape these tortuous conditions only if

    “debrief,” that is, provide information on gang activity. Debriefing produces
    false information (wrongly landing other prisoners in SHU, in an endless cycle)
    and can endanger the lives of debriefing prisoners and their families.

    3. Comply with the recommendations of the US Commission on Safety and Abuse in
    Prisons (2006) regarding an end to long-term solitary confinement. This
    bipartisan commission specifically recommended to “make segregation a last
    resort” and “end conditions of isolation.” Yet as of May 18, 2011, California
    kept 3,259 prisoners in SHUs and hundreds more in Administrative Segregation
    waiting for a SHU cell to open up. Some prisoners have been kept in isolation
    for more than thirty years.

    4. Provide adequate food. Prisoners report unsanitary conditions and small
    quantities of food that do not conform to prison regulations. There is no
    accountability or independent quality control of meals.

    5. Expand and provide constructive programs and privileges for indefinite SHU
    inmates. The hunger strikers are pressing for opportunities “to engage in
    self-help treatment, education, religious and other productive activities…”
    Currently these opportunities are routinely denied, even if the prisoners want
    to pay for correspondence courses themselves. Examples of privileges the
    prisoners want are: one phone call per week, and permission to have sweatsuits
    and watch caps. (Often warm clothing is denied, though the cells and exercise
    cage can be bitterly cold.) All of the privileges mentioned in the demands are
    already allowed at other SuperMax prisons (in the federal prison system and
    other states).


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