Pelican Bay Ends Hunger Strike

“CALIFORNIA PRISON FOCUS has finally confirmed the Pelican Bay hunger strike leaders did end their hunger strike in exchange for some immediate changes & the CDCR‘s promise to review their gang validation & SHU housing policies. It is imperative to keep organized & strong to ensure that the CDCR does not retaliate on prisoners or supporters, & to make sure they implement the changes in SHU policies.”

The Guys were amazed at the amount of outside support that was received- nationally & internationally;

17 prisoners were bussed from PB to Corcoran for medical treatment- not life threatening. The guys at PB are mentally clear, strong in spirit and have lost between 20-35 lbs- resuming eating will be gradual.

Those of you who have loved ones in other prisons- please start spreading the word….get the word out that the PB strike leaders have called the strike and there was SUCCESS!!

On a Personal note: I wanted to let you ALL know that for the almost 10 years I have been an activist/advocate on behalf of CA Prisoners- NEVER, EVER have I seen the Mobilization, Unity & Solidarity that has been shown this last month…this just proves, yes we can- WE CAN MAKE CHANGE!! Si Se Puede!! My heart goes out to each & everyone of you…..thank YOU!




3 thoughts on “Pelican Bay Ends Hunger Strike

  1. I spent 9 years there. it was a tough place but I needed a tough place to get my head right. I feel bad for the homies, but I also seen first hand how some of the big homies and other upper guys from the otro races take advantage of the younger homies and make them do more time because of the work they have to put in. This makes me want to spin out.. how does a foo gain weight starvin? the younger homies need to see this. thees foo’s taking them for a ride and they gonna die because of they sorry asses. copied this off another site today. How do you get fat on hunger strike??? FOOO’s gonna let someone die for they sorry asses. look at these numbers.. WTF??


  2. Although I don’t have a loved one on a hunger strike, I am very happy that this mobilization has brought positive results. It is encouraging to know that writing letters and making phone calls really can work, if enough people do it. I will be one of those watching to make sure that satisfactory changes are made and that there are no retaliatory actions taken. I think if we all remain vigilant, we can help ensure improved living conditions for the inmates in our state prisons.


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