The Lying Liars and the tales they tell…..

Barbed tape at a prison
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Yesterday team members of the CA hunger strike coalition were tipped off that CDCr would be issuing a statement that the hunger strike is over…this is not a coincidence! This is a lame attempt to try and CYA ( cover their asses!)  it is also a very huge attempt to try and crush this human rights movement and squash any attempts at  real change being made!

The LA Times and other news outlets have been requesting interviews with prisoners in regards to this historical strike- all members of the media have been denied access. Why?  Whats to hide? this is just another of their ‘rules’….there is no transparency and no accountability. CDCr is a faltering agency that continues to mismanage its prisons, funds ( taxpayer monies) and its prisoners!!

When will  the California taxpayers finally say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…and start demanding fiscal repsonsibility, transparency, accountability  and TRUTH??

CDCr is trying its damndest to break up the strike- going so far as to transfer some of the strike leaders to another prison, with holding mail, denying visits, guards making annoucements throughout the housing units that the strike is over,  and flat  out LYING- in effect they are trying to extinguish the fighting spirit of these brave men & women!!

We KNOW the game, CDCr….and we will not give up- its not over til the fat lady sings…and let me tell you…the fat lady aint singing yet!

Please take note:

Via Kendra Casteneda:

I received a msg today from an inmate within Calipatria State Prison on the hunger strike: “Keep doing what you are doing,protesting & speaking up. I am very proud of you. The prison is telling us that they will be looking into all the misconduct going on. The ones that need to be exposed are the Gang Cops. They are the one’s who are validating inmates by using debriefers (snitches) and by fabricating evidence to use against us. They will do anything to set someone up and validate them. Its a shame that they have no regard for people’s rights. All they wanna do is place us in a prison within a prison that’s completely secluded and that isolates us from our family & loved ones. It just aint right!

Via Jessica Escobar:

I got a similar piece of mail today as well from a pelican bay state prisoner that said thank you for giving us a voice and telling the world about us!

Via California Prison Focus:

 (posted about an hour ago)
We have only received unconfirmed reports that the strike is over. We continue to monitor the situation and will update ASAP when we know more. Let’s remember that CDCR used this tactic at Calpatria (lied to everyone saying the five demands had been met and it was over), so we’re taking this one step at a time.

Via SF Bay View

A letter came yesterday from Tarishi  who is in Corcoran  who was just moved to the Corcoran SHU a month ago. It’s dated July 9 with an update on the 10th. It sounds like the guards’ misinformation campaign is working.

He says he’s hearing this isn’t really a hunger strike, only a strike against state food, that eating from the canteen is OK. In the July 10th update, he writes:

“Yesterday, all the Southern Mexicans and American inmates stated accepting state food. They make up 90% of Corcoran. So I’m now confused more. The Northern Mexicans never participated. And most Brothers are now accepting food once Mexicans did. I guess they got word it is over; do not know. I assumed/assume the same, but a few Brothers kept refusing state food. Certainly not a noticeable number. And with communication being difficult and slow, who knows?”

I hope we can get the truth to Corcoran and throughout the system.

Mary Ratcliff
SF Bay View

Keep making those phone calls and joining the rallies….this is about human beings, humane treatment and basic human rights…..












UPDATE: This just in:

Via Julie
I just spoke with Carol Strickman and the lawyers did speak with the four leaders today in person…they confirmed that the strike is over and they consider it a huge success. CDCR has been exposed and they believe the people will continue to advocate for change. Concessions were made and a good faith statement by CDCR to review policies has been accepted…Thank God!



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