Three-Strikes reform should be a MUST for California….

One of the many reasons why….

Free Randy Now

By 1992 Randy Severdia already had 3 strikes.

He was 21 years old.
The 3 strikes law passed in 1994.

He was arrested for a vehicle code violation. 2800.2 VC. Evading the police.
This is not even a strike!

But it just activated the strikes he already had.
So at 35 years old, not on parole or probation, he gets struck out!

25 years to life.

We need to get the word out because this could happen to you or someone you love.

I urge all those whose lives have been impacted by Three Strikes to get involved with the reform. Join the nearest FACTS chapter and do whatever you can to help.
FACTS-Families to Amend California’s Three StrikesIf we don’t come together and be a part of the solution in a unified and organized fashion, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

150 Stories of Inmates

Listed below are 150 California Three-Strike stories from the FACTS database. These Stories were compiled through February of 2002.  We believe they barely scratch the surface demonstrating the unbelievable injustice of this law. For instance, we do not receive letters from prisoners who are unable to write, cannot read English, are mentally disabled,  have not heard about us, those who have heard about us but choose not to write us, and those who have committed suicide or died in prison.  Inasmuch as our data-tracking came to a close in early 2002, there is no doubt but that many shocking new and unfound cases could be added to this list.

All of the “media stories” are ranked based on estimated economic damages of the strikes on a prisoner’s record by our computer. Presented below–in ascending order–are the top 150 stories we have gathered thus far.

Please send questions or comments to

1 Rene Landa
For Stealing a Spare Tire
2 Mark A. Bishop
possession of a controlled substance
3 Luciano Orozco
possession of .05 grams of heroin
4 Silvio Constantino Hernandez
possession of a weapon
5 Johnny Quirino
petty theft of razor blades
6 Doug Rash
possession of .4 of grams of cocaine
7 Ray Anthony Means
possession of .09 grams of cocaine
8 Keffer Runnels
petty theft
9 Kelly Lee Scherer
possession of controlled substance for sale
10 Thomas Williams
possession of a stolen bicycle
11 Richard Anthony Edwards
possession of 1/4 gram of controlled substance
12 Edward Parsons
possession of .06 grams of meth
13 Ruben Arriaga
shoplifting a $70 drill from sears
14 Shane Reams
aiding and abetting a $20 sale of cocaine
15 Kenneth Lee Wade
16 George Michael Lane
possession of $40 worth of roommate’s jewelry
17 David Lynn Robinson
attempted forged check and forged check
18 Thomas Edwards
possession of .085 grams of meth and stolen license plate
19 James Ely
attempter burglary of vacant car at car wash at 2:00 a.m.
20 Daniel Lerma
attempted burglary

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