Fullerton PD beat Kelly Thomas to death……Public Outrage!!

Oct. 22nd Police Brutality protest
Image by angrywhitekid via Flickr

NOTE: I have edited the title of this post because I was just informed of the following:

Just an FYI: Using the term “Murder” when applying it to the officer’s involved in this can open you for a libel suit. This is how La Mesha Irizarry explains it: “Murder” is a legal term that carries judicial consequences. You can call these bastards assassins or killers, but the term “murderers” will involve your liability.



Beyond outrage, beyond sickened…I used to laugh at people who said we are living in a police state. Police Brutality has been on the rise since 9/11, FACT. Im not laughing anymore…..

Please take a few moments to check out the following links, as I said befored, THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT KELLY THOMAS…..just so you all know, the 6 cops who murdered Kelly are back on the streets…never placed on administrative leave and so far, no charges have been filed against them.  We have started a facebook group to support the family and help raise awareness of this most horrific tragedy- there you can sign a petition, and take other actions to help bring JUSTICE FOR KELLY THOMAS!!


Friends of Fullertons Future Blog 

Police Insider Offers New Graphic Description of Police Beating

KFI AM 540

FBI Launches Formal Investigation Into the Kelly Thomas Beating

Officers in Transients death return to work


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