D.A.: No evidence Fullerton cops intentionally killed homeless man

DA Tony Rackauckas is Full of CRAP….his record shows NO previous prosecution of any LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS…..think things are going to change?? Public Outrage  NOW, people!! Even without the tape, there is clear evidence of excessive force!!!!  Where do you draw the line… did they intend to just put him in a coma? paralyze him? knocked out to the point of being unconscious?
ALL of these dictate excessive force…..

Fullerton deathOrange County Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas on Monday said he’s seen no evidence so far suggesting Fullerton police officers intentionally tried to kill homeless man Kelly Thomas but said his office is still trying to determine whether the officers used excessive force in his death.

TonyRackauckas, speaking for the first time about the fatal incident, told The Times that the investigation is in its early stages and his office has yet to get a determination from the Orange County coroner’s office on Thomas’ cause of death.

“As far as intentional killing — whether an officer intended to kill him … I have not seen any evidence of that in this case,” Rackauckas said.

Thomas, 37, died several days after he was confronted by six Fullerton officers at the local bus depot last month. As they tried to search the schizophrenic homeless man, a violent altercation ensued that left him in a coma. Witnesses have described officers as repeatedly striking the man and Tasering him.

Rackauckas said he has made the investigation a priority for his prosecutors and investigators and is devoting extensive resources to the case. “I am reviewing everything that is being done,” he said.

The top prosecutor said he has personally seen a security videotape of the incident at the bus depot.  Prosecutors and police have refused to make the video public. Rackauckas said he cannot discuss the content.

“It is a tragedy this happened,” said Rackauckas when asked to characterize the video’s images. “My heart goes out to Mr. Thomas and (his) family members.”

He said his office is expediting the case by placing extra investigators on it but that it takes time to transcribe dozens of interviews and gather relevant documents.

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6 thoughts on “D.A.: No evidence Fullerton cops intentionally killed homeless man

  1. so tell us where exactly do we put out outrage? Somewhere where it will do the most good & not allow the average good person on the street to end up dead?


  2. When will police departments hire more officers who choose this career to protect and serve, instead of brutalize and harass?
    Besides beating the homeless man into a coma, they tasered a mentally ill person – which in and of itself is problematic. There have been cases of subsequent deaths when enraged mentally persons are tasered, in New York City as well as in British Columbia. Despite the officers lack of humanity, they clearly were deficient in certain training(s) that would have otherwise made them aware that such a tasering will cause the blood to become acidic – which may have also contributed to his death.


  3. Consider this:
    The officers involved were allegedly shown the video while they were writing their reports, allowing them to make sure that all of their accounts match.
    •Officer Hampton was allegedly attempting to handcuff the suspect but had to back off because the blood from another officer’s strikes was splattering on him.
    •The informant claims that the officer who allegedly does most of the beating is a retired LAPD officer who was shot in the eye on duty three weeks on the job. Fullerton later hired him as the officer with one glass eye.
    •As recently as Friday night, this same officer was assigned to plain-clothes duty in the gang unit.
    •An officer was allegedly bragging about the beating the next day in the locker room.
    •There is a long history of cover-ups within the Fullerton Police Department
    •The police reports were ordered to be rewritten many times because management did not like the way the reports were written.


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