A Modern Day Lynching: The Wrongful Conviction of Kerry Baxter Senior

Kerry Baxter Senior was thirty-one years old when he was sentenced to sixty-six years in Prison, in December of 2001. The conviction was for the 2nd Degree Murder of an innocent bystander in Oakland California. Most Americans believe that the Police, Courts, and District Attorney‘s are here to represent the people. Why then would the Oakland Police, District Attorney, and Courts allow the wrongful conviction of a taxpaying Citizen? Why would a Newspaper like the Oakland Tribune spew out negative, unchecked information about Kerry Baxter Senior? Why would the Media and Justice System paint the assailant of my son, Jahmani Jones (twenty years old), as a victim of my son? Why would the DA and Oakland Police give Jones, Blanket Immunity to testify against Kerry Baxter Senior? Why did they hide the fact that Jones was a convicted Felon, and on Parole in Merced County at the time of the incident? Why did the DA and Oakland Police Department not prosecute Jones when he was committing Armed Robbery and Assaults after his Blanket Immunity Deal? These are the Questions the questions that came to mind and that this article attempts to answer.


Following is a version of the events of March 30, 2001, as I understand them:            Kerry Baxter Senior is my son and was a working member of the Carpenter’s Union in 2000, when the events transpired. He was friendly with the owners of the Martinique a bar in East Oakland. He struck up a friendship with the bar owner, Mr. Harris when he was apartment setting for me. The bar was just a small neighborhood place that attracted an older crowd. After the altercation, my son stated that there was a gang of young men who stood in front of the bar taunting patrons. I believe the situation escalated when my son approached the gang members, and tried to reason with them. I have read the court transcripts and the description of Jones is chilling, especially the crimes he has committed. Most of his crimes were committed by assault and/or with guns. In his deposition at Kerry Baxter Seniors Trial he stated that he had NEVER fired or had a weapon.

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