Information wanted – Corcoran Hunger Strike

Via Sharon McNary of KPCC
Hi Carol — We’re interested in learning more about hunger strikers at Corcoran. Trying to figure out how many people are participating. I’ve got the petition signed by the three main people, but we’re looking for additional info. Can you circulate this link wth a request for Corcoran families to use it to contact us?

California is cutting back on the money it spends on prisons, but how are those cuts being felt by the inmates who live in the state’s vast prison system? How are living conditions changing in California’s prisons? How are inmates adapting to cuts in education, rolling lockdowns, and cuts in family  visiting hours?

Most inmates are unable to respond to these questions, so we are turning to the people who work in prisons and who have family members or loved ones behind bars to help us understand this story.

2 thoughts on “Information wanted – Corcoran Hunger Strike

  1. My name is Glenn Langohr and I spent 10 years in California prisons, the last 7 at Centinella C and D yard. I turned my life around writing and have 5 books on Amazon and love to write prisoners because I know how much it means to get mail and find hope! Please email me some of the Corcoran inmate addresses so I can write them! Blessings


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