Outgoing Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour under fire after pardoning 4 killers

….and I keep thinking of the Scott Sisters…Barbour you egofag! you COULD have done right….but instead you do this!! IDIOT!!


‘Serving your sentence at the Governor’s Mansion where you pour liquor, cook and clean should not earn a pardon for murder,’ public service commissioner says

Image: Haley Barbour

Rogelio V. Solis  /  AP file

In the executive orders signed by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, he wrote that the pardoned killers each “proved to be a diligent and dedicated workman.”
msnbc.com staff and news service reports

JACKSON, Miss. — Outgoing Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour has pardoned at least four convicted killers who worked at the Governor’s Mansion, including a man who was denied parole less than two weeks ago.

Relatives of three victims told The Associated Press on Monday that state corrections officials notified them over the weekend that the convicts were to be released this past Sunday. Barbour, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee who weighed a presidential run last year before deciding against it, leaves office on Tuesday.

Video: Barbour’s refusal to run shocks supporters

In the executive orders Barbour signed, he wrote each “proved to be a diligent and dedicated workman.

The pardons outraged victims’ relatives. Democratic lawmakers called for an end to the custom of governors’ issuing such end-of-tenure pardons.

While Barbour’s office hasn’t responded to messages about the pardons, he told the AP in 2008 that releasing the trusties who live and work at the mansion is a tradition in Mississippi that goes back decades. Work by trusties would typically include kitchen duty, waiting tables, cleaning and washing vehicles, officials said.

The Barbour administration did not publicize the pardons, which became public when family members notified the media. The Mississippi Secretary of State‘s office released copies of the pardons Monday afternoon. They show Barbour has pardoned at least five men.

The former inmates are David Gatlin, convicted of killing his estranged wife in 1993; Joseph Ozment, convicted in 1994 of killing a man during a robbery; Anthony McCray, convicted in 2001 of killing his wife; Charles Hooker, sentenced to life in 1992 for murder; and Nathan Kern, sentenced to life in 1982 for burglary after at least two prior convictions.

Mississippi Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps said Monday afternoon that the inmates were released Sunday.

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5 thoughts on “Outgoing Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour under fire after pardoning 4 killers

  1. Citizens in Mississippi are outraged over Republican Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour pardoning “dozens of convicts” and four killers…. Laws need to be changed giving a Governor such power to do such an outrages thing… Put these criminals back in jail and over rule Haley Barbour’s last power rights being Republican Governor for the State of Mississippi. This is tragic thing to do for the Families of the Victims that have lost loved ones… Those loved ones didn’t get a second chance…


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