Why I became a CO: This ex-cop is in prison to stay

By Obi Linton

It was a night like no other. I vaguely remember it being rainy, dark and cold in East Baltimore City, Md., as I stood outside of my police car waiting for the ambulance to arrive. I was standing over my third homicide victim for the night. He was a 15-year-old black male, honor student, athlete and good Christian boy.

That’s what his mama would tell you but I knew the truth. I knew that this so called kid was possibly wanted in several shootings, robberies, and even a case of check fraud of all things. Yeah, I knew this kid far too well to believe that he was all those angelic things his mama made him out to be.

You see, I worked this post, I knew these families and I knew that when I hooked and booked them, I dropped them off at large stone building with a wire fence towering over the city’s blue lights and I wouldn’t have to deal with them for a long time, maybe never again.

On occasion I would enter to drop off my cargo in exchange for a receipt and guaranteed job security. I would look at the COs as they closed the large steel door behind them, and laugh at their misery.

I remember talking to a good friend of mine about working in the big house. I listen to his stories of how so many inmates have wasted their lives and all these hidden talents that so many of them possessed, and of course the occasionally case of sodomy and good ol’ beat downs.

I looked at my pal and shook my head, knowing deep inside that he wanted to always be a cop. Between us, most cops look at COs and think that they couldn’t cut it, they couldn’t pass the test, or maybe they are too scared.

As I finished my day I prepared for my one- hour commute back to Pennsylvania, and reflected on my life. I decided to make a major change in my life and stepped out on faith. Along with my wife, I opened a restaurant and ran it successfully until a b@#$% named “recession” entered my life. She entered with no remorse, she took away my customers, yet she still sent me bills.

After we were fed up with this dream, the badge bug bit me in my ass. I was destined to get back to law enforcement, and I took several tests and passed them with flying colors, only to sit on multiple waiting lists.

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