Cops Fire 40 Shots Kill Dog & Terrorize Neighborhood: Footage & Interview w/ victim



GWETV Special Report: In recent events police who do not show up at crucial court dates appear to admit to guilt in the apparent killing of a dog and victimization of an entire family over a dispute which did not concern them during a multiple police unit response to a 911 call. This video contains footage from the crime scene which one police officer is heard using the term “homicide” as they are captured on video by a witness who is forced into his home.

“On April 8, 2010 Stanley Frederique and his family endured a horrific encounter with emergency responders from 2 police prescients. Having survived to tell their story brings us here and this is why we felt it was absolutely necessary to help Stanley to bring their story to you. Too many incidents at the hands of corruption and poor training of police officers have claimed the lives of the innocent who trust in law enforcement officials to protect and serve.

We urge all law enforcement officials to work harder to rid the system of corruption and strive harder to represent the core principles that help to protect and sustain the high qualities of life’s awards that all people deserve to live under and benefit from. We can all agree that the poor policing can present clear and present dangers which do not benefit the good people on either side of the fence, good officers or good law abiding citizens… ” – Philip Muhammad

God’s Water Entertainment


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