Kelly Thomas Case: “THE” Video is now public……

Death of Kelly Thomas
Death of Kelly Thomas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kelly Thomas, after a fatal beating by officer...
Kelly Thomas, after a fatal beating by officers of the Fullerton, California Police Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart that I watched the video of that fateful night, July 5th, 2011. Kelly Thomas, a free spirit, and drifter was falsely accused of breaking into cars near the “SlideBar” in Fullerton, CA. We know someone at the Slidebar called the police and reported that Kelly was trying to enter parked cars.  That was never proven and there was NO stolen property in Kelly’s backpack. There was discarded mail that Kelly got from a dumpster……The video clearly shows the pack mentality of the  Fullerton cops. I will not call them “officers” because they do not deserve that title.

The video also shows JOE WOLFE striking Kelly first…..please know that only two of the 6 have been charged with any crime. It is my belief that all 6 should be charged- they are all complicit.  Watch the video, then read the transcript….and please let me know what you feel & think……then get angry and join me and many others in taking action……we need to put pressure on the OC DA Tony Rackaukas to bring charges on them all. Not one of them belong on the street serving the public. In fact, they should all be removed of their duty and stripped of their badges.

Security footage of Kelly Thomas police beating death

Transcript is in PDF format located here:

Email  OC DA Tony Rackaukas here:


Snail Mail & phone calls:

Orange County District Attorney
SANTA ANA, CA  92701

also drop a line to the Mayor of Fullerton- Sharon Quirk-Silva here:

Sign the petition at


Take action now- JUSTICE FOR KELLY THOMAS!!!!


3 thoughts on “Kelly Thomas Case: “THE” Video is now public……

  1. Recently I became aware of the brutal murder of Kelly Thomas by the hands of six Fullerton Police Officers. I am forever changed by this act of violence against an innocent man.

    This act had no regard for human life.

    When I learned of this act of violence, only two of the six officers had been charged and only after the citizens protested for almost a year after Kelly’s death. How can this be? I thought. Any rational human being who watched the video could clearly see that this was a murder of an innocent man: the officers taunted and confused Kelly.

    I don’t understand how this could happen in the United States, let alone in a city near mine.

    How could a police chief not see that these officers committed a crime? Any decent human being can see the truth and would discipline his own officer to the full extent of the law.

    To protect and to serve? Protect and serve who? The mentally healthy? Those lucky enough to have a roof to sleep under? What about the rest?

    I am sad for Kelly Thomas’s family and friends, but especially for Kelly’s dad who after the fact had to endure watching six police officers beat his son to death as he cried out for his father to help him.

    I will never be the same. This has rocked my whole being. I haven’t even watched the entire video; I just cant.

    Kelly Thomas was not treated with respect that night and had had no chance at all of surviving due to the premeditated state of mind of the officers. They were basically thugs dressed in a police officer’s uniform.

    My heart aches for Kelly’s family. My heart aches for Kelly.

    I didn’t know Kelly. I didn’t have a chance to meet this gentle soul.

    I am now part of Kelly’s many voices a long with the rest of Kelly’s army. I demand that justice be served. I will not rest until this happens.

    Just because someone is homeless, mentally ill, or otherwise different doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a decent human being. Regardless of their situation, they should be treated with dignity and respect and not spit upon. Anyone of us at any moment can become homeless. Some are forced to choose homelessness. Not everyone comes from the same cookie cutter.

    Why is there so much hatred in this world? I don’t understand it.

    We need to be the voice for the ones that can’t speak for themselves.

    A member of Kelly’s Army………….


  2. I have watched the video and read the transcript. I can’t say for sure that this proves your statement. If anything I think this video and transcript will only help the defense. I know this will probably enrage a lot of people out there that want to blame the officers. But allow me to explain. First thing I notice is that Officer Ramos looks agitated. Probably due to the fact that he has had multiple contact with this suspect. I use the word suspect because that is what Thomas was in the eyes of the law, that night. The police were called by a caller from the Slidebar reporting a suspected car burglary. When the officers made contact with Thomas he was not being very cooperative. And I agree,with the Thomas supporters,that the police should be better trained to deal with the mentally ill, that said schizophrenia is diagnosed in about 1 percent of the US population. So not having extensive training in dealing with citizens with schizophrenia is understandable. Especially when there is no definite test to diagnose schizophrenia. Second, if you saw the same video I did, you do see Thomas acting defiant and being uncooperative. And although Thomas’s actions are symptoms of schizophrenia, reactions like his are all to common in suspects with no mental illness and are just being defiant. For example, when asked Thomas did not give the Officers his name. This is usually a form of uncooperative defiance. Another point I would like to point out is that they did find mail that did not belong to Thomas. And, now we know that it was mail he found in the trash, but when the Officers get called to a suspected car burglary and find someone else’s mail in the suspects possession that is enough evidence to arrest a suspect. Third, Thomas did not comply with Officer Ramos’s orders to sit with his legs out and his hands in front of him. Remember they have not yet searched him and so the Officers do not know if he has any weapons on him. Not only di
    d he not comply, in my opinion from what I saw in the tape, Thomas attempted to flee. That’s when Officer Wolfe struck Thomas in the leg. I did some research and yes, whether we agree or not, this is a police tactic used on a fleeing suspect. I also can clearly see during the physical contact between the Officers and Thomas, that Thomas is not complying to the Officer’s orders. He is seen kicking at the Officers as they yell at him to comply. You also see Thomas when faced down with his arms tucked under him and the Officers repeatedly telling him to put his arms back. You even hear Officer Cicinelli asking another Officer for assistance. And I didn’t notice it by just watching the tape but did you realize that he was so combative the 6 officers could not get him properly handcuffed. That’s probably why the Officers assumed Thomas was on something. Although we now know he wasn’t, what we do know is that he was strong enough to resist 6 officers fron properly handcuffing him. I’m sure I can make other points but it’s pretty clear to me that this case is not black and white. And I do agree that the Officers were neglegant in informing the medics of Thomas’s condition. But I don’t agree that it was intentional, malicious murder. I will end with this….I’m tired of all this people who now have a voice for the homeless when they were and are the same people who called the police when a person like Kelly Thomas was in their personal space…ie. near your house or place of business. To be completely honest I probably would of done the same thing. Everyone is so quick to say poor sweet man beaten to death by a gang of police….Please….of course the police is so easy to hate and such sympathy given to Thomas but really…if you did not know this story and saw Thomas near your car…ask yourself would you all the police?


  3. That was horrible. Absolutely horrible. They harrassed him, threw the first blow, and proceeded to beat the shit out of him. Then they just kept applying the taser. Awful. He had no stolen property on him. It is not illegal to not have ID on you. They should have just let him go and moved on their way.


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