Sheriff Arpaio to close Tent City ahead of SB 1070 protest

by Chelsey Davis

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office will shut down all six of its jails Saturday because of a large protest expected in the evening.

Sheriff’s officials expect a protest by 1,000 to 4,000 activists at Tent City Jail near 29th Avenue and Durango Road in Phoenix, officials said. The shutdown means family and friends won’t be allowed to visit inmates at the jails for the entire day.

Puente Arizona and Unitarian Universalist Association officials said they will hold a peaceful vigil to protest Tent City and Senate Bill 1070. The Unitarians are holding a four-day convention at the Phoenix Convention Center with workshops, speakers and planned demonstrations.

Steve Carl, 67, a spokesman for the Unitarians, said the association discussed having an assembly in Arizona two years ago with the introduction of SB 1070 and decided to take action closer to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Arizona’s immigration law. The Supreme Court is expected to release its ruling soon.

“The main point is to show national disapproval of Arizona’s immigration laws,” Carl said. “Arizona is at the forefront of human violations and leading the way for other states in the country.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio plans to be present at the demonstration to defend Tent City and his jail policies, officials said.

Several members of the convention gathered near Heritage Square on Thursday night for nearly an hour singing songs, praying and wearing shirts and showing banners.


One thought on “Sheriff Arpaio to close Tent City ahead of SB 1070 protest

  1. Don’t ever forget Brian Terry , Jaime Zapata and the 200 Mexicans killed by Obama’s Fast and Furious guns. Trying to get rid of the 2nd amendment is backfiring on them. We’ll be counting more dead bodies while Obama and Holder are trying to cover it up.

    Song “Arizona we’re proud of you” .


    Even though Fast and Furious Holder hasn’t read it
    If you’re an American , not Jihadi or Hamas he’ll discredit it

    The Chief Organizer may not think a hard worker like Robert Krentz a winner
    A month after he died he had a good laugh at the correspondence dinner
    He wants illegals to be able to vote some day
    If they kill American heros like Brian Terry
    I guess that’s OK

    Semper Fi Brian it’s a shame you had to fight with bean bags
    Against Obama’s Fast and Furiuos bullets


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