Wandervogel Diary

I am still reeling from the implications of yesterday’s verdict. Yesterday James was despondent. He tried to hurt himself last night and is now under suicide watch. “My life is over,” he said.

By this afternoon his spirits rebounded to the point that I can safely say that if James’ life is to end, it will not be by his own hand.

When he is transferred from the jail to prison, James’ life will be in danger. It is well known that inmates express particular revulsion and violence towards other inmates labeled as sex offenders against children. James is particularly small and vulnerable. He will be at mortal risk.

Yet even if James is placed in a “CMU” or “Close Management Unit” (solitary confinement—for his protection, of course), he will probably be driven to the edge of insanity in the course of time. Studies show solitary will make even a…

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