California- 3 Strikes reform is on the ballot…..!!!!

 It’s official…we have a ballot number!

Vote YES on Proposition 36 in November for 3-Strikes Reform!

Proposition 36

Initiative Statute

1530. (11-0057) – Final Random Sample Update – 06/11/12

Three Strikes Law. Sentencing for Repeat Felony Offenders. Initiative Statute.

Qualified: 06/11/12

Proponent: David Mills c/o Dan Newman (415) 981-9940

Revises three strikes law to impose life sentence only when new felony conviction is serious or violent. Authorizes re-sentencing for offenders currently serving life sentences if third strike conviction was not serious or violent and judge determines sentence does not pose unreasonable risk to public safety. Continues to impose life sentence penalty if third strike conviction was for certain non-serious, non-violent sex or drug offenses or involved firearm possession. Maintains life sentence penalty for felons with non-serious, non-violent third strike if prior convictions were for rape, murder, or child molestation. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: State savings related to prison and parole operations that potentially range in the high tens of millions of dollars annually in the short run, possibly exceeding $100 million annually in the long run. Increased state and county costs in the millions to low tens of millions of dollars annually in the first few years, likely declining substantially in future years, for state court activities and county jail, community supervision, and court-related activities. (11-0057) (Full Text)



8 thoughts on “California- 3 Strikes reform is on the ballot…..!!!!

  1. 3 strikes… I gave the State 4 years of the prime of my life 47-51, lost my beauty.(smile) because I broke into a mailbox in the aparts where I lived. Now i’m a Striker, was on parole for 2 years, lost my job, relapsed got a petty theft under $40.00 and got my first possession at 54, now I’m on the run for my life looking at 8 years at 80% because I left a program after the dr gave me morphine in the ER for A brain tumor, the program wanted to sanction me for 30 day in jail and then decide if I could come back, oh the program stole all my belongings ND RETUNED junk clothes to my Mom for me, I leFT BECAUSE I WAS scared now I’m on the RUN ,, hunted like a wounded animal, I have nothing, I’m hungry and alone.. 3 Strikes LOL, look what it has done to my life, I have a degree BS, I was a beautiful kind lady


  2. I sure hope that the same thing doesn’t happen that did with Prop 66 which was going to change the 3 Strike Law so that Petty Theft with a prior and certain Residential Burg’s were removed. Remember, the Prison Union put then Gov. Arnold Swartz on TV lying and saying “Child Molesters, Rapist and Murderers will be released if this law passes!” I remember because I was in a jail cell watching that commercial outplay the truthful commercial explaining the 3 Strikes Law needed to change to focus on violent criminals, not petty drug addicts! We remember who had the most money to terrorize the public, the prison union. Let’s not let this happen again. I wrote and published the novel Roll Call by Glenn Langohr and it’s opening the public’s eyes one reader at a time to the above mentioned corruption and much more.


  3. Like with slavery to free some,and continue to keep some enslaved is wrong,it’s to abolish it all,not continue to entrap humans by a baseball rule such as 3 Strike Law in a court of Justice and Law of the Land and it’ peoples. This game law has done far more damage than good. We need just laws and just reform if we want true Justice.


  4. Most crimes are considered serious. That is why they are labeled felonies. And why many will not be helped by this law and the countless future population. 3 Strike Law must be abolished. A law is only Just as it applies to one and to all peoples!
    ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO ARE INCORRECTLY,UNJUSTLY CHARGED AND CONVICTED! From the start,THREE STRIKES LAW IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL IN AMERICA! And must be continued to be pursued til there is no crazy,cruel and unusual 3 strike ball game rule! If anything 3 strike law must be stuck out,not kept going to endless court cost,time and ect….if this person and that person should be struck out or not!
    Too many loopholes 3 Strikes Law and it’s amending does not apply only to those who were intended for like murderers,child molesters and rapist,that people are misled to believe will only apply to.
    The good fight continues,a prolonged battle,still yet to be Just for All.


  5. It will help many,but it will not also help the other many that are labeled incorrectly and unjustly. 3 Strike law needs to yet be abolished. Sentencing laws must be just to one and all. And Justice for All….not just some!


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