A Serious happening at CCWF

English: Central California Women's Facility
English: Central California Women’s Facility (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UPDATE:  I have received word from the Life Support Alliance:

RE:The Man In The California Women’s Prison In Chowchilla (CCWF)
The IFC (Inmate Family Council) at CCWF is aware of the problem and will be discussing it with the CCWF administration this week at their regular meeting. This is exactly the right channel to start the inquiry on this.
I passed along the information I have and the concerns expressed to the IFC chairman, and she and I will be in contact after their meeting, so I will be passing along the information from that meeting as well as anything coming from some other inquiries I began today.
It is a difficult issue, but if this individual is dangerous in any fashion, that must be addressed before anything else. Please let everyone know this is not being swept under the rug and we will find out what is going on and what will be done to be sure everyone is safe and protected, including the individual in question.
Difficult issue, for sure.


Was just notified that a serial rapist/transgender  (MAN)  has been moved to a womens prison in California….the women there are of course, up in arms and scared…..Why wasnt the public and families notified? because CDCR  KNEW this move would cause an uproar…..so now the question is- what do we DO?  And what can we do?? Why hasnt the media got wind of this?? 

( I have removed the names of the women who let this out for safety sake) Please read below….

Hi Carol, just got a phone call from XXXXXX. Her and XXXX want to know if there is anything we can do out her because there is a serial rapist “man” that arrived at CCWF. He is a man, in fact his name is Richard Masbauch, but apparently he wasn’t treated very well by the men inmates and so he castrated himself and he is there with the women. XXXX has made a complaint to her attorneys. He is plainly dangerous as only men COs walk him from place to place. Can they leave a “man” in a women’s prison?. The females are afraid, because he is a man.Thanks.



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