Update on Richard/Sherri Masbruch

this came to me via email from  Life Support Alliance:

I spent considerable time today in the Capitol and spoke at length with the office of Assemblyman Ammiano and Senator Leno and with one of the counsels for Senate Public Safety Committee.
Everyone is on board that this is first and foremost a safety issue but aware that there is also a gender issue.

The most helpful was our contact on Senate Public Safety, who was able to find out that Richard/Sherri is not longer at CIW, this after she was apparently transferred from VSPW a few days ago.  Her name has been removed from the Inmate Locator system because this has become such a high profile situation.  CDCR told Senate Public Safety that Sherri is not housed in general population (wherever s/he is) and there are no plans to place her in GP.

We were also able to confirm that the CDC’s hands are tied to some extent because Richard/Sherri sued a few years ago to legally be considered a woman and so by order of the court is a female–which means CDCR must house her in a women’s prison.  The federal medical receiver maintains their office cannot intervene in cases of mental illness, though many people are receptive to the idea that perhaps s/he should be housed at one of the mental facilities if they can figure out a way to do it.

So for the moment, we don’t know where s/he is, though I’m sure we will find out fairly soon.  Right now the department says, off record, that the best thing they can do is keep Sherri/Richard in protective custody and not on any main line.  Those of you with family in the women’s prisons, please let them know that Richard/Sherri’s MO is to  be such a pest and threat that someone assaults her, thus making her the victim and putting her in the catbird seat.  it is imperative that no one get physical with her….from all indications, her mouth will get her in trouble wherever she is housed, and it would be best allow this to happen without the involvement physically of any other prisoners, which puts them at risk for greater punishment.

Frankly, the quiet consensus seems to be that if the main line prisoners can keep from beating the crap out of her, she will turn her anger and vitriol on the staff and guards, so when something kicks off she will not be seen as the victim but the aggressor (which we know she is anyway) and CDC might be able to deal with the situation then without of the specter of a poor victim, being abused because of a gender issue.

There are many eyes on this issue now and we will continue to monitor it and push for a realistic solution.  If any of you find out where or where has Sherri/Richard gone, let us know so we can keep our contacts up to date.

Vanessa Nelson
Life Support Alliance
(916) 402-3750



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