All we hear are the bad, the ugly and depressing times in prison, and true, it is so. But there are happy times, that even the guards will sometimes put on a smile. I have been a visitor to prisons in Florida, North Carolina and California. Visiting days are essentially all the same – full of laughter, hugs, tears and voices. It is the only opportunity friends and family of the incarcerated see each other. A parent bringing children to visit the other parent or grandparent. Lots of catching up to do. I’ve written a lot about deaf inmate Felix Garcia, but for a change, I will describe a visiting day with a prisoner in California.

John is a California inmate who transferred to Florida on a family hardship Interstate Compact Agreement sometime in mid 1990’s. His mother was beginning her illness (which later took her life) and he…

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  1. Not all prisons have the same visiting guidelines. Example, San Diego California you can hug, and briefly kiss upon initial visits and walk around and hold hands and even sit outside. But at Jamestown California there is no hand holding or outside area in which to sit. Some of the prisoners get few or no visits from anyone so when they do it means so much to them to have the contact most of us take for granted.


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