Felix Garcia Should Be Granted a Full Pardon

I first read about Felix Garcia on the Deaf In Prison Blog.  Then I started watching the videos that James Ridgeway (Solitary Watch blog) has put together from his interviews/visits with Felix. I was moved to tears. Another innocent, wrongfully convicted, wrongfully incarcerated– his life stolen from him. Felix happens to be deaf….can you imagine being in prison and not able to hear?  He  has been incarcerated now for 30 YEARS for a crime he did not commit. Read his story, watch his videos, and PLEASE sign his petition. He deserves justice and freedom…..


Felix Garcia Should Be Granted a Full Pardon

For over 30 years now, Felix Garcia has been serving time for a crime he did not commit. During that time, he has suffered every form of savage abuse imaginable. There is overwhelming evidence that Felix is innocent. Felix is an intelligent, compassionate, outgoing and brave man who has educated himself in prison, and who deserves his chance at building a life and contributing to society. Won’t you please help this wrongly convicted Deaf man get the justice he is so rightly entitled to?


>>>sign petition here<<<

read & watch videos: Deaf In Prison Blog



7 thoughts on “Felix Garcia Should Be Granted a Full Pardon

  1. no thanks needed David….there is just something about Mr Felix that has drawn me, not just the fact that he is innocent….his is so charming and seems so unaffected….I will do whatever I can to get his story out there so that others become aware. I sent this to University of Miami School of Law’s Miami Innocence Clinic & Wrongful Convictions Project group on Facebook. I have a friend that is connected there. I am hoping that they will take a look at Felix’s case.


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