What the system is doing to Jeremy Hammond is CRIMINAL!

A judge at Tuesday’s bail hearing, Loretta A. Preska, portrayed Jeremy as a terrorist more dangerous than murders and sexual predators, denied his bail and, before Jeremy and a gathering of his friends and family, announced the sentence he would face if found guilty: 360 months to life. It is very difficult to find the words to express the pain we feel after the court’s decision Tuesday to deny bail for Jeremy Hammond. It is an inconsolable sadness that relates those that share it to one another and solidifies our commitment to Jeremy’s cause. Jeremy, only 27 years old, has spent most of his young life contributing to charitable efforts and acting on his principles to right what he perceives as wrong. Now, due to his contributions to the Anonymous collective, Jeremy could, if found guilty, spend 30+ years in prison.

Jeremy was vilified and his contributions bastardized. All of this was done with absolute impunity by those prosecuting him. The court, however, underestimated the weight of Jeremy’s contributions and the passion his actions and the actions of other Anons have inspired in so many people. Most importantly, the court underestimated the Anonymous collective and the networks supporting Anons facing prosecution. There is no comfort for us so long as Anons are prosecuted. If a life sentence is what the State deems an appropriate punishment for the so called crimes that Jeremy is alleged of having committed, then it is our lives that we are willing to commit to Jeremy’s cause and to the cause of all Anons facing prosecution. We will not weary. We will not be discouraged.

We will seek the truth and find justice in unjust laws and the unjust rulings of an unjust State. Hacktivists are not criminals! Jeremy is not alleged of a crime that has not equally exposed the corruption and exploitation of the very State prosecuting him. Lady justice is blind! Where is the justice when those whom she has anointed are just as guilty as those they are prosecuting? Those prosecuting our fellow Anons call Jeremy and those like him a criminal. The means by which the crimes of our State were exposed are, perhaps, illegal but “When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” With this being said, we beg to argue, what right does Loretta A. Preska have to preside over Jeremy’s bail hearing while documents leaked from the very hack Jeremy is accused of having committed show that her husband, Thomas J. Kaveler, was himself a client of Strafor; http://www.anony.ws/i/2012/11/22/Pfrp.png & http://www.anony.ws/i/2012/11/22/uN3YF.png.

Jeremy has been demonized to such an extent that those who know him can not even recognize the person prosecutors portray him as in court while the very person responsible for securing the sanctity of his trial is herself directly associated with the crimes Jeremy is accused of having committed. The truth is great and and wants to be known. The truth is, Jeremy has done no wrong and those determined to prosecute him are guilty. The State is guilty of protecting their own interest, especially in their pursuit to prosecute those they consider dangerous to their agenda. Jeremy Hammond is and will always be a hero and his contributions to the Anonymous collective are and will always be an example for which others will follow. An example for which we, the Anonymous Solidarity Network, will continue to commemorate.

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