Ammiano to Introduce Sweeping Prison Reform Legislation

By Dan Aiello

In the wake of California’s election last month where voters passed two propositions aimed at reducing the number of inmates in California’s overcrowded prison system, the State Assembly’s Safety Committee Chair says he will introduce major prison reform this session targeting a correctional system failure rate that persists as the highest recidivism rate in the nation.

“With voters approving both propositions 30 and 36, I believe we are in a position to achieve significant prison reform to reduce our failure rate and begin decreasing our prison population,” San Francisco Democrat Assembly member Tom Ammiano told the California Progress Report recently.

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3 thoughts on “Ammiano to Introduce Sweeping Prison Reform Legislation

  1. Thanks for getting back with me. Yes I do know the whole story. I even have the full court transcripts. There was more, a video. He never raped anyone but it’s senseless to get into it here. What he did is not as evil as people make him out to be. Even his daughter, the victim wants him out. I have read cases where there are rapists who murdered their victim and are out on parole. I even have a friend who was murdered in his own home. His live in girlfriend got in a fight with him and called her brother and nephew over to “kick his ass” they left him on the kitchen floor for 19 hours before calling paramedics. He was pronounced brain dead. If you ask me that’s per-meditated murder. Between the 3 of them they only got 3 years. So why is it that a person can take a life and get less or no time than someone who took photo’s?


  2. Hi Lyn,
    while I appreciate comments, I have to let you know that Tom Ammiano did not post this article, I did- this is my blog. He may not even see your comment, truth be told. It would most likely be best to address him through his office ( you can google his address).

    The second issue here is that I do not condone any crimes against children- while you say you ‘friend’ only took photos of his daughter and answered questions…I question the type of photos that were taken. 405 years is a very long time for only photos and answered questions…are you sure your not missing something? My question would be, is your friend telling you the whole truth? I personally dont know of any murderers that have been released after 10 years…there are plenty of lifers in CA state prisons that were not responsible for actual murder that are still inside…many have done well over 20+ years and are consistently turned down for parole.


  3. As you know The State of California has an over populated prison system. I support the new 3 strikes ballot. A lot of incarcerated people are there that should not be. You say you are reducing that population but how? The truth is that each over populated prison is NOT releasing or reducing it’s population. They say that to please everyone but all they are doing is transferring 40 to 50 inmates at a time to other facilities then taking a count which yes it shows that that institution at that time is short that many inmates at the time of that count, then they receive more from other institutes. All they are doing is a shuffle of inmates or doing a cattle move. That does not solve anything. Those transferred inmates are still in the system. just not being counted. It costs California on an estimated average $300.00 per inmate to be transferred. That’s an average of $12000.00 per 40 inmate transfers. How is that helping the situation?
    My friend is a 3 striker with his 3rd strike being of child molestation. His priers were 20 to 30 years old and used against him. The later of the charges were not violent. He was just a single father raising his son and daughter the best he could on social security and disability. All he did was take pictures and answer his daughter’s questions. She wants him out. They threw the book at him and even his court appointed lawyer never helped him, he in fact told the jury “When you find my client guilty and you will.” He received 405 years to life. There are known murderers and rapists that get 10 to 20 years then out and repeat. . He never hurt anyone. Why can’t he get a second chance like murderers do?


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