Caution: Fraudster

Having to create a post such as this is something I despise, BUT people need to know. Especially those that are  at risk -prisoners, their families as well as advocates and activists. I am going to put the info I have gathered out here, for all to see and draw their own conclusions.

Roxanne Greschner

In regards to:  The John Greschner Defense Fund, The John Greschner Defense Committee, The Prison Educational Foundation:

Sorry, the page you were looking for could not be found!!!


this woman is a fraud….any and all donations go directly to HER.  She does not have  non profit status, she requests check be made payable to her. There is no foundation, committee or fund that can be found. No IRS links. Everything is traced back to her own bank account. Do not donate- I caution you. I have personal experience with this woman and I know these allegations to be true.

She makes many claims of assisting federal prisoners – there is nothing to back this up. In fact some of the prisoners she claims to advocate for are no longer living. She makes claims of assisting Tommy Silverstein, who has stated publicly through Wendy Silverstein that there is NO ASSOCIATION what so ever.

The John Greschner Defense Committee
This committee is dedicated to freeing prisoners who have been Incarcerated for more than 20 years. Both Federal and State justice system hand out sentences that are unjust and need to be reduced.

The address of the Committee is
853 #2 Sonoma Ave Santa Rosa, CA. 95404 
Please make tax deduct able donations pay able to Roxanne Davenport Greschner.

The following is a copy/paste from  Vanguard News Network Forum  dated  June & July 2011:

Betty Junior Member:

Not only will i cosign this statement, I need to let people know that bitch Roxanne is a terrorist and makes threats on good abiding white people … she says she is full blooded injun, but claims she was raised in a nationalist compound.. she is a fucking psycho liar!!!

Originally Posted by Marilynn Turner
I am tired of finding this woman using Aryan brothers names to make money her husband is a rat, Tommy told me when I spoke to him on the phone to stay away from this woman shes crazy and her husband is a rat. She threatened to get a beef against him in one forum I found her begging money in.
this woman is a fraud and is being investigated.Please she does not help Tom is not associated with him in anyway some of the men she claims to help are actually dead.
I would think it would be more helpful for Tom if you did not discuss him at all. Hes endured enough for the sake of many please do not disrespect him and open him up for discussion. He is strong and of sound mind despite the torture he is still under.
thank you
fight the good fight.


Her husband is John Greschner, who was affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood until he turned informant.

you can read about him here:

Former ‘Commissioner’ John Greschner Discusses Life and Death in the Aryan Brotherhood


John Greschner is second from right with cane in hand/photo credit Nat Geo- Explorer


I have been involved in prison reform for over 10 years – I have seen many scam artists preying on prisoners and their families. Some play the role of paralegal and end up taking thousands of dollars from people seeking help for their loved one.  Some play the role of advocates. I have personally outted scammers that gave nothing but heartache in return for taking money under false pretenses.  I am asking you to please be cautious. If someone starts asking you for money to help your loved one -think twice. Do some research, ask questions. Reach out to others. Do your homework before your empty your pockets. If it sounds too good to be true….its usually is.






24 thoughts on “Caution: Fraudster

  1. she has posted her banking info before-account number. Her phone number is a digit short…lat I heard she was moving to San Francisco…so now its Colorado. I wonder if she is trying to get donations yet again to help her move ( yet she goes no where!!)


  2. Roxanne Greshner ,hits northern Canada…..she also hit on a woman in Texas with Alzhiemers, I Con fronted ….I believe she is on the run…..but try getting to talk to a police officer in USA useless ,she gave personal banking account no… no. She states she is going to Colorado…..why does facebook allow her 5000! Friends,,,,,,,,they have a responcabity a crime in progress and they cannot cut her off completely ,they are a company that keeps giving for her. Inga Butcher. Her cell no is 707-561-082


  3. Roxanne is now trying to pass herself off as a doctor….

    prison abolitionist, Dr. Roxanne Grescher is how she is being referred to on the above mentioned ‘show’. I messaged Zena Crenshaw asking if they had indeed checked Roxanne’s credentials….. they never bothered. This is problematic and allows people to perpetuate fraudulent claims. A word of caution- always check future associates out- never just take their word- ask to see some of their work, ask for credentials. It is with in your rights to do so.


  4. I have blocked Roxanne Greschner’s Twitter feed as well as tell everyone that is on Twitter only about her, as well as my Facebook friends from my region (Philadelphia/New York City). Eventually, I will report her to the proper authorities.


  5. People Against Prison Abuse blocked her out about 5 or so years ago. I had been noticing she was posting in different groups which did concern me and still does. She post on PAPA’s facebook some but I don’t know how to block her from that. Just stay clear of her and pray for those that do not know about her. Flo, PAPA


  6. Thank goodness I saw this! She has recently friended me as I am friends with a MS death row inmate and advocate for him and all other wrongly convicted. This makes me ill. There is a woman who claims to do the same for our “Fallen Riders” that is a complete nutjob.I’ve been through this once, never again. Pardon me, while I delete and block her and have all my friends do the same. Thanks again!

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  7. there is a lot of info floating around about Roxanne- you just have to know where to look. She has stalked me for years because she knows I am on to her. Let me clarify- I am not married, I do not have a CO as a husband. Not now, not ever. Roxanne is mentally ill-but I do not pity her. She tells lie after lie. My advice- stay far away from her.

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  8. A follow-up

    Greschler is shamefully relentless. I am pretty much shocked by this woman! She not only wants your money, she actually enjoys the whole charade, actively engaging with anyone who calls her out… (see her posts at

    She claimed that you are the wife of a CO (I don’t care if you are or aren’t), implying that your motive in “smearing” her in this blog is to hinder her campaigning efforts (or whatever you want to call them). Then she switched her strategy, claiming that Prison Movement is actually MY site, as if there is some conspiracy against her. Wow.

    I finally just banned her from the communities, a first for me. How is there not more info floating around about this woman?

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  9. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Greschner earlier this evening – as soon as I read her first post, I got a chill down my spine. Go figure.

    She posted in two CJreform/Prisoners’ Rights communities I started on Google+ at and Then she sent me a bizarre email via my G+ profile:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Roxanne Greschner
    Date: Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 2:02 AM
    Subject: Message via your Google Profile: Hello

    I just got a warning about my use of google. And someone is pretending to be my
    husband. He is in prison so I do not know how that is happening. Weird huh? What
    would you do?

    I’d like to think about anyone could smell a rat within a hundred miles of this woman, but I was curious. So I wasted good advocacy time researching her and came across this informative post, as well as a couple of her own posts in online Pagan, gypsy and witchcraft communities.

    I have to say, you’d think this woman would work on her game a little! From what I’ve seen, she is for some reason either incapable or unwilling to even put a minimal amount of research into her “cause” to build some substance and legitimacy.

    I leave you with her latest G+ post “Carol Leonard is getting sued” at

    Lisa (@Dawson_LM)

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  10. also- Roxanne has stated she has worked with the following organizations but it is all LIES:

    California Prison Focus
    Jan 1994 to 2002
    We collected human rights violations at various State Prisons in California.
    Remember our Sister’s Inside
    We wrote letters and sent cards to women in prison.
    The Justice Express
    We organized a news letter for prisoners to write to and for legal news as well.
    The Prisoners Rights Union
    We gather others who do the work in prison reform and give family members direction to the legal services they need.
    Innocence Project

    Director of Project Rebound

    I helped people to reenter into society, from prison.

    The National Lawyers Guild, San Francisco California

    Assistent Director
    Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted

    Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute

    I studied Law.
    San Francisco State University

    Law · San Francisco, California
    I studied law.
    Director of Project Rebound at San Francisco State University
    Sonoma State University

    Class of 2004 · Bachelor/Masters · Psychology · Sociology · Child and Adolesent Psychiatry. · Rohnert Park, California
    one must ask- if she is so degreed, why is she sitting at home, collecting SSI and begging for money??

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  11. Hi BJ!!
    thank you for contacting me- she is all over Facebook- she has two profiles and a few ‘pages’ one as a public figure ( LOL!!) and a group with 900 members still soliciting funds….I will assist you in any way that I can…I am ready to take her down completely! Oh and lets not forget the WePay site she has for donations…..


  12. she hates me too- but she also seems to be obsessed with me to the point of harassing my friends. Her latest is that I am impersonating her; she is clearly mentally unstable. The VOLUMES of emails I have is clearly delusional. I have had to block her everywhere so now she is harassing my friends to try and get at me.


  13. I am so sorry this is just now getting around. I knew about this 2 years ago. She and I had a huge falling out when I confronted her and thought I had spread the word. As soon as I found out they were AB I blew the whistle but obviously not everyone heard me. She hates the ground I walk on…..I am so sorry if anyone fell prey to her. They are bad news, the whole bunch.

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  14. Oh man I thought I had warned everybody about her. She and I had it OUT two years ago when I found out about her. She hates my guts. Sorry this is just now getting around…I should have said something. Charli Eaton

    CSUSB Palm Canyon Editing Grandmothers Of The Light P.O. Box 2971 Palm Springs, CA 92263 Cell 909-272-2878 Home 760-671-6364

    “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” (Victor Hugo)

    “The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you enter the house of her wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshhold of your mind.” (Kahlil Gibran)

    It is never too late to be what you might have been!

    Canta! y no llores. Maana es otro milagro de Dios…..(Mexican proverb) (Translation: Sing and don’t cry. Tomorrow is another miracle of God!)

    Credite experte illigitimati non carborundum (Take it from one who knows, don’t let the bastards grind you down)


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