By BitcoDavid

Tapestry Entertainment has finally completed their long anticipated independent film, Women’s Playground. A screening is to be held at the International House of Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19104 at 6:00 PM, next Sunday, with more screenings in more cities to follow. Tickets are 15 dollars and can be ordered through their Web site at:

Trailers can be seen on YouTube, by simply searching “Women’s Playground.”

Although I have not yet seen the film, I have been reading about it on FaceBook, and have watched all the YouTube trailers and shorts – there are about 20 of them, and they themselves are well worth watching.

They’ve come up with a truly brilliant idea. This movie is not a documentary. It’s a full length dramatic production written from interviews and letters by actual female inmates at existing prisons. The end result is…

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