CDCr caught lying….AGAIN!

Like that is a surprise. Anyone who has had the misfortune dealing with CDCr knows how they outright lie, cover up and skirt any issues.

The following article angers me to no end. We KNOW they are lying. With an annual budget of approximately 10 BILLION dollars, why ration tampons for the women? Seriously…women menstruate. Making tampons a NEED, not a want. There is absolutely NO REASON to not give the women an adequate supply of a necessity. Withholding tampons is abuse and miss use of ‘power’.  Please continue to make calls and send emails on behalf of the women. We are their voices.

call the prison and demand to know what the hell is going on (559) 665-5531 and call Sacramento Ombudsman Office (916-445-1773) email


Officials insist inmates’ needs are being met at Central California Women’s Facility


CHOWCHILLA — As concerns over housing conditions at the Central California Women’s Facility outside town draw protest, officials on Monday continued to deny claims that the prison is too packed.

After a Saturday protest by hundreds of prison rights activists outside the facility, corrections officials invited the media to tour the prison Monday.

“In my opinion, there’s no overcrowding,” said Bart Fortner, CCWF spokesman, while leading the tour. “We’re still keeping within the allotted amount of inmates within one cell that’s allowed by the state fire marshal.”

Several years ago, the prison was at nearly 200 percent of design capacity, housing inmates in gyms and day rooms, said Travis Wright, administrative assistant to the warden. “We’d have 30-some inmates living here with one bathroom. That happened at all the prisons.”

Then, in October 2011, the state rolled out its realignment plan under pressure from federal authorities. Many offenders were sent to county jails rather than state prison, and the CCWF’s population declined.

However, officials recently converted Valley State Prison, across the street, into a men’s facility, sending hundreds of women to the CCWF and significantly increasing its population.

Inmate Alicia Cruz, 26, who’s served eight years at the CCWF, said she remembers when conditions were a “disaster” several years ago.

“Right now,” she said, “it’s a little bit chaotic, not too extreme, but it’s getting out of hand.”

As of January, the CCWF was the most crowded in the state’s 33-facility system with roughly 3,700 inmates in a prison built for 2,004 — about 187 percent of design capacity, according to corrections officials.

Like almost all inmates at the women’s prison, Cruz sleeps in a 348-square-foot room, which includes a sink, a shower and a toilet. The room has four bunk beds.

One of the beds is empty, so she sleeps with six other people in what she calls a “ridiculous” situation. “It effects us mentally.”

Her roommate Tracy Smith, 35, who has served more than four years, echoed the concern: “We don’t have room to do nothing. Miserable, you’re being suffocated. It makes you irritable.”

Just outside the dormitory is a 5,632-square-foot day room with televisions. The women also can go walking in a large yard outside the housing unit.

But they are concerned about access to vocational programs and medical care.

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